UV mapping vertex groups at once

Hi all,

I am new to blender and I am learning for interiors rendering purposes. I tried different techniques to create the flooring and found that addon “plancher” to do it easily. I can create the flooring but at the poing of UV mapping different groups of planks, I cannot modify the texture mapping of the whole group with a single plank on the UV view. It might be hard to understand, but I found this video where the guy can do it:

Basically, my problem starts at 3:50 where he has 3 different planks on the UV map view (one for each of the groups he created with the addon) while I have each plank separately making the process a lot harder and more difficult to modify later.

I am using a different version of blender, the latest, but downloaded the same of the video and still have the same issue. I am pretty sure is a newbie question hopefully, you can help me.

Thanks a lot!

The problem is in your file, not in the video. Upload an example .blend every time you ask questions involving one.

Thank you for your reply. I tried to attach the .blend and the addon in case you need for helping me with this, but as I am a new user, I can’t so I uploaded to gdrive> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1l29GW526vJ3EoxSRSwhoYVe2_JFE4gYm?usp=sharing .

Thanks again!

He’s not moving one UV face in the video, he selects all before moving. In the screenshot there’s one UV face selected above, and all selected below which is the same as shown in the video at 3:53

Since you’ve already moved the faces around, you could snap them on top of each other by moving the 2d cursor on one, and then snapping the selected to it with shift+S -> selection to cursor (offset). Then selecting and repeating the action.

But that’s a bit tedious, so would need an addon that can either copy UV coordinates or align them. I used magic UV addon to first copy the coordinates from one face, and then paste them to othes. Magic UV is in contributed addons.

http://pasteall.org/blend/ is a good alternate place to upload files, just have to share the link to the download page after uploading there.

Thank you very much!! I will try what you just said.

Looks like the community to stick with.

Thank you for your time, really appreciate!