uv mapping with alpha

Hi there!
I 'm new here.
I love Blender, but sometimes she drives me crazy. I want to create a text on at lets say a cylinder. I unwrap it. Create a text (gif) without background in Gimp. open the image in the UV but cant get rid of the background.
I only want the text to be mapped to a transparent material and get rid of the background.
Guess it is simple…Thx in advance…

First off, png images are often better to use because you can have varying transparency. Now to fix your problem, in the texture panel you have to have the “use alpha” button selected. Then you need to make your material have an alpha value of 0. In the “map to” panel, have the alpha button selected and it should work!

Hopefully I didn’t miss anything!

Renderer has the right solution. You really need to make sure to work with PNGs a lot. They just seem to work better than JPEGs IMHO. Good luck.

Thank you very much for your answers - I’m almost there…! Still a few thing I must figure out.
Great forum - I can find a lot of answers to my questions just looking around here - should have joined long ago :slight_smile:

Hi again!
Learning blender takes a lot of time - especially when starting at my age - but now I learned to put textures on surfaces. Thx. The scene is a little dark - though I like this tint. No stains on the table or liquid in the glass yet. Having trouble making colored glass for the bottle - I’m pretty satisfied with the result.http://picasaweb.google.com/dozmic/Blender#5364396124744171378

Looking good - might want to make the bottle a bit more transparent. As for the cork, try this:

Goto the textures - under the “Map To” tab click “Nor” and then down below slide the “Nor” slider up about half way. This will give the cork a slightly real look to it.