UV mapping with multiple images don't render

I got a simple model of a building, since it has flat faces as walls i figured that it would be faster to make a texture of each wall as a separate jpeg and the UV map them face after face rather than texturing that model traditionally. I textured it this way and in texture view it looks just fine. When I try to render the model is blank. Is there any way to render it this way? When I set images as textures they render but only one image is visible, uv mapped on its wall and scrambled at every other wall.

Looks like you have UV window done properly to see the image. But you do need to lode the image, UV it, to each wall one by one for it to render.

you mean load it where?
As a texture for my model or in image window? I got it UVed already, im my 3D view everything looks nice and textured.

For material 1, map to UVTex 1, assigned to whichever faces you want to show UV Tex 1. Then use another material, #2, assigned to other faces, that uses UVTex2 to map the image texture. Be sure to have two different textures, UV1 and UV2, as ridix says, to load the two different images as textures.

thanks for help guys problem solved.