UV mapping wont work (trying to tecture paint a head)

So my problem is i try to unwrap the head and the texture squares wont show on the 3d model so that i can add a texture to it. PLEASE help , i will provide some pictures

1. Make sure you added a material to the mesh.
2. Since you are using cycles, open up the node editor with the new material selected and add a image texture node and select the texture, Texture coordinates are optional.
3. In the 3d viewport, make sure to turn on texture or material shading.

Still not showing :*(

basically im trying to do what he does in this tutorial

Please ALWAYS supply an example .blend file with any support question. Otherwise you’re forcing us all into a tiring and possibly pointless guessing game…

BTW: Your image texture node is empty. What is Blender supposed to show?

Her face.blend (742 KB)

Heres the blend file

Cycles can’t read Blender’s built-in checker map…
You need to save it as an image file, load it into your Image Texture node and connect it to your shader.


It is hardly ever a good idea to follow a tutorial and not use the same render engine. Your tutorial seems to use Blender Internal, while you’re using Cycles.

That’s more or less calling for trouble, as changing the render engine also changes quite a bit of Blender’s internal workings.

You need to select your texture in the texture node drop down menu. Your 3d view is still in solid mode, you need to change it to textured or material view.