UV mapping

I guess i have a good enough grasp of modelling to try my hand at texturing now.
Basically my goal is to make an OK looking scene, without too much geometry (it doesn’t have to be game engine worthy, but in the ballpark…?)
Anyways, considering how many polys i tend to have in some of my models :eek: i decided 768 faces in this was a good enough start at lowering the number :slight_smile:

What brought this on? I decided, “Why waste time modelling the detail, when I can fake it?”

Here’s my work so far… not a very good painter so… haha. looks like i have some edges to round off!

nice model, you might try using archimap unwrapper on parts of it. the ‘unwrap’ has gotten really good though, so maybe no need.

Smallish update… really working on this in my free time…
Let me know what you guys think! (yeah, i know i forgot all about the mirrors :\ haha)
Modron: Thanks, the regular “unwrap” works good enough for my purposes here, lol. I’ll try that other unwrapper out sometime though :slight_smile:

What, do I smell bad or something? haha :smiley:
Anyways, here’s a tireless-windowless-mirrorless-bad-particles-textured-plane-background mockup of what I’m trying to accomplish here…


The car is not well lit, makes it hard to see what you are doing there.

That said, it looks like your textures are coming along. One word of advice: Put a fair amount of time into your material settings (ramp-shaders, spec, diffuse, etc.). Good lighting and material settings will go along way to helping you get the look you want.

thank you! actually, right now the only lighting is AO…except in that first picture there was one spotlight. would explain why it’s so dark, haha. Yeah, I have to finish the painting before i do the other things… i just wanted to get an idea of what angle this would be at so i could maybe fake the interior of the car