UV Mapping

Hello, I am a little bit confused withg uv mapping and unwrapping. In tutorials, it says to unwrap, you hit “U” then select unwrap. If I press this nothing happens in my UV editor, to make somthing happen I must press Smart Projections UV.
If I would like to unwrap a box it does not look like a T-shape it looks like 6 box’s (3 on each side of the UV editor). How can I get the same effect as the box on
http://biorust.com/index.php?page=tutorial_detail&tutid=85 (Step 4)
Am I doing somthing wrong? Or missing a step?


You need to select he edges you want to be the seams and use ctrl-E to get to Mark Seam. Marking the saems tells it where to unwrap at, and where to stay connected. You need to make sure all the faces are selected in uv face select mode before you unwrap.