UV Mapping

Hay i need some help with UV Mapping. I have been trying to map a Halo Logo to a Cylinder and i want to get it to wrap around it but Blender wants to make the pic attach to each face. Can ne one Help me? :no:

Blender doesn’t want anything : you do.

You need to unwrap your model. It is like cutting the 3D model so you can lay it out flat with as little deformation as possible. Unwrapping wisely is a skill that not everybody can develop : have you ever done any of that ?


you can make “cuts” n the model by marking seams in edit mode. just select an edge you want to use as a seam and [ctrl-e] - you’ll see the mark seam option there.


Here is a guide on how to UV map. The Wiki is a helpful tool for starters.
One of the main things to remember is that after you apply the texture you need to go into the setting and select the UV button so it does not repeat itself over the mesh

thanks i have only been into blender for about a few months so im just get a good hang on it. ty everyone. :slight_smile:

Please use the appropriate support forums.