UV mapping.

in my experience UV mapping only does the normals side. Is there any different (more efficient) ways to get normals on the other side than copying it and reversing it?

I’m learning how to UV map mostly for a game (c&C renegade/cnc reborn) so i can’t really have missing textures.

Cut the model in half. Unwrap the model. Use the mirror modifier and apply.

nvm - question got answered just as I posted…walks off and goes back to blending

what happens if the model isn’t symmetrical?

Well I may have read your initial post wrong.

UV mapping does both the normal and reverse side at the same time.

The only time that usually matters is if the texture has writing or something that looks wrong reversed. Reversed textures won’t be missing from faces in game, They will just be backward.

The fastest way to identify reversed uv’s is with a tiled texture of say the letter G.

???. I think i may be doing UV texturing wrong. this is the way i do it
1.make model
2. edit mod select all
3. split the window and put it to UV window
4. press U.
5.choose “unwrap” if it doesn’t’ work go “unwrap smart projections”
6.take a screenshot.
7. paste it into gimp.
8. number all the faces so i can tell what goes to where.

However let’s say i do a stereotypical aircraft hanger. domed roof, rectangular floor, high walls. 1 end open, other end has a door. When i used my method above only the outside of the building was textured. when in view mode > textured with the hanger unselected i could see right through. with the hanger selected i could see an outline of the faces.

If you know this stuff just ignore

For a game model the face normals must point towards the viewer.
The face normals of the outside wall point outwards and the other faces that make up the inside wall should point inward. Any faces that are the wrong way become invisible.

If you have a face that is textured, but not showing up in game then the face needs to be flipped.
w > flip normals

Editing (f9) Mesh Tools More tab - turn on show normals.

Easy way to save the UV layout.
UV’s > Script > Save UV face layout - This is way more accurate than a screenshot, and will alow you to set the texture size. Most moden games are using .dds textures which have to be power of two. Eg 256, 512, 1024 so it’s better to save the tga with these type of sizes.

Another thing that helps find where things are is to use the bake tool.
On the mesh add new materials with different colours - inside walls blue, roof red etc
Then ctrl-alt-b and bake to Texture only.
You will end up with a texture coloured as per your face colours.