UV Mapping...

Running Blender 2.46/Vista Home Premium 64 Bit, 6gig/ram

Ok, I seem to have a mental block on the UV Mapping concept.

I’ve been struggling using Wings 3D, so you probably think I have a REALLY large
mental block.

Anyway, since I have Blender installed, I thought I’d give it a shot to see if
learning it is any easier on my brain.

I am trying to do a simple tutorial…the Cube one at:

And believe it or not, I’m stuck at the “UV Face Select” part of the tut.
When I choose the Object Mode, I do not see the “UV Face Select” option listed.

It’s probably something simple that the tut writer missed.

But what is it?



They’ve removed the UV Face select from the menu. Just select face in the edit mode.