uv mapping

i am new to blender,
i am trying to do some uvmapping on a mesh object so i can import it into the game ut2004
, the video tutorials i have looked at are confusing that people go to fast and just basically hit hot keys,

i try to select faces on the mesh object,
i am having no success,
or if anyone can point me to the right tutorial,

i have blender 2.49b,
should i update to newer version of blender? would that make it easier

For updating, it all depend if the ut2004 importer/exporter is available in the recent versions of Blender or not.

If you need to use 2.49b , to select faces, refer to this part of the manual that explain the various methods to do that :

Note : You can download the whole manual in PDF format from this page , it’s very well done and usefull to find references :

i can import .lwo files,
and they work out in the game,
but i am just trying to get the uvmapping down,

i will check into links you gave me,

i am still learning about selecting faces,

i also have a texture assigned to an object, but only shows texture on the object in
‘texture painting mode’ ,
is there a way to assign the texture, or does it have to be uv mapped?

so when you uv map an object, do you have to render it before you export it to like .3ds?

If you have a texture that is already mapped to your model, you can see it, without having to go to Texture Paint mode, by changing the draw type from Solid (default) to Textured, click on that button and select “Textured” :

If your model has already a texture, it’s already uv mapped.

You don’t need to render a model before exporting it.

thanks again for helping me,
i really appreciate it,

ok the object has a texture on part of it, and had colors on the rest,
i had this model in google sketchup and it looks fine,
i import it to blender as a .3ds and i cant see the colors and i can only see part of the areas that have a texture applied,

i need to find out if i’m doing something wrong on the export from google sketchup,
but blender can export as .lwo so really want to do everything in blender,
i am determined to make this work,

the texture used for the model seems to work on the model, i wonder if i have to export the colors from sketchup with a filename