UV mapping


Next on my list of things to try is UV mapping, now I’ve got everything working and rendering but I am wondering why a circle maps onto a square image like this…


Naturally I need it to be a perfect circle, the only way I’ve found to adjust the map is to grab and move points by hand with proportional switched on, that’s no good, so what simple answer am I missing?

Thanks again to those who take the time, it is always appreciated.

Couple of quick tips. UV will misbehave if the mesh’s scale is != 1. So first thing, go into object mode and apply scale (alt-a, s). When you unwrap, there is a menu that lets you select: method:comformal/angle based, fill holes, correct aspect. It vanishes if you click on… just about anything. So look for it right after you hit U and select unwrap. Play with the settings in that menu and see if it gets you closer. Also, there is the concept of seams that you can define in your mesh which gives the unwrap hints about what you want your unwrapped mesh to look like.


try checking ‘conformal’, that might work. also ‘project from view’ might work, but i don’t know since i can’t see your actual mesh.

Thanks, I’ve been on the trail :wink:
I tried ctrl-a to apply scale but it didn’t seem make any difference from what I can tell. Conformal did help, I managed to get to that menu by pressing f6 directly after unwrapping. From there I could scale it in the x and y axis’ to get close enough…


Thanks again :slight_smile:

(It’s still strange that blender distorted it like that though :wink: )

And this is what that little experiment became…

In the Image Editor window go to UV > Live Unwrap and toggle it on, now select two vertices that are exactly opposite of each-other (ie, top and bottom) and press the P-Key, then press the W-Key and in the menu that appears select Align Auto, you get a great circular shape using either angular or the conformal option! Now turn off Live Unwrap and position where you like.