UV Mapping

Hello, just a simple question by using Blender 2.77a. On the right side (perspective) the shape of my object is rectangular then after I select all the edges I wanted to seam it turns perfect square right on the left windows (UV/Image Editor) is there any setting or command that I missed?

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I suspect you scaled the default cube in object mode and not in edit mode. You therefore need to apply the object scale before unwrapping with Ctrl+A

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Yes, could be the object scale. Go back to Object mode instead of Edit mode. In the view you can press N to bring up some info on the object. (or you can click the little+ in the top right) And one of the things it lists is what the scale is on the object. If it’s not 1, 1, 1, then Richard Marklew’s theory is right, you need to apply the object scale.