UV maps backwords.

(Dittohead) #1

I have a uv mapped knife blade and the texture is backwords.

I put some text in a tga then I uv mapped it on to the top of the blade.

I then bumpmapped it to look like it was etched into the top of the blade.

But the text is backwords like i’m holding it up to a mirror.

:frowning: thanx for the help.

(cree) #2

Try playing around with mapping coordinated xyz buttons. Reverse the xyz to zyx. The problem is that the other side is now reversed. Someone else is probably more experienced to answer that question.
Nice knife. Like the colour.

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(BgDM) #3

you probably selected the wrong face of the knife when you were in face select mode. this could explain it. you need to be very careful in face select mode. different sides of a mesh can look the same when you are picking them.

Also, make sure your face normals are pointing outward. you can do this in edit mode by selecting all of your verts with “A”, and then pressing “CTRL+N” and select recalc normals outside.