UV maps / Displacment Maps etc

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I have been doing some tutorials where all the UV maps/displacement maps etc have been provided, which is all good and well.

The question i have is, for my own projects where or how would i get these to use? is there a website that provides them? is there a way of making them?

Newbie here hence the silly question.


For own modeled objects you have to learn how to UV unwarp.

About textures there are many sites you can download them.
here as example a good one

For procedural node materials you dont need a uv map.But for decals or textures you need UV map to place the textures correctly.

There are tons of tuts on YT

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hiya. thanks for these , it more about creating and usinf Displacement maps, normal maps etc…

You are bakeing normal maps.And usally you do it from a highres model (maybe high detailed sculpt) for a retopo or remeshed lowres model.

Displacement or heightmaps are baked too.Some material can be build procedural,but mostly as said, these are baked from highres model for a lowres model.


awsome !

thanks for the clarification.

is very much appreciated


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