UV Maps not properly saving

I am having some trouble to get my UV maps to save as a .tga file. Blender will let my go through the process of saving the UV map and the log says it finished the .tga export but instead of saving as a .tga it saves as an empty file with no file extension. I tried running blender as administrator as well as trying to save it as .svg but it has the same results. I am currently using Blender v2.49 with Python v2.6.2 and Blender Nifscripts. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Still need help with this issue if anyone is able to help.

tried reinstalling, but no luck with fixing this issue.

its been around 4 months now and still not have been able to figure out this out. Tried reinstalling after reformatting my laptop as well as trying with antivirus disabled (incase that was causing issues for some reason) and still no luck.

Bender 2.49 is over 5 years old, and not used by many people at all.

My normal answer would be to ask if your running the latest official Blender version … the fact that your running 2.49 will prevent many from helping.

I know there are newer versions of blender out there, however I am using Blender for the purposes of making custom meshes/textures for a game called Skyrim. As far as I know, in order to import Skyrim’s .nif files (once their Shader Properties were removed), Blender Nifscripts had to be installed, which required specific versions of Python and PyFII, as well as Blender 2.49. If there is a newer version of Blender that is able to import .nif files or is compatible with Blender Nifscripts then I’d be more than willing to give that a shot. (I have posted about this particular issue on multiple forums, including ones dedicated to modding that particular game, and this is the first response I’ve received so far, which is very much appreciated!)

No answer for either a solution to fix the issue for the current version of Blender I have, or knowledge of a newer version that is either compatible with Blender Nifscripts or can import nif files?

Back to the original problem - why not save as another image format and convert to .tga outside with Gimp or another image editor? I ahve to assume you were able to save image as png or tiff or something, right?

Maybe another solution could be to import the needed files with Blender 2.49, then save your Blendfile and open it with the newer version of Blender.