UV Measure.

Im working with some benches and stuff who works with wood. and it whould help me give much more realism if i could measure in the UV editor. someone know how i can accomplish that? cause when i Unwrap my items who got a specific length it get different when its inside the UV. does it excist any addon or some sort?

just select faces you need and scale and re loate theses to fit over the UV image!

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yes i know that but i dont got the exact size as i want. like i want the plane to be 1m x 3m . you understand? cause i got a wood sample who is 1mx3m but the bences and that stuff i just 70cm. so i wanted the exact amount instead of use eye measure.

don’t remembe there are any measure unit in UV editor !

so can you show pic of waht you eman or may be load up the file

the 3D model has measures unit so make it as you wish then UV pic will be map to the faces

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You make the object the size you want, the size in the UV editor is irrelevant, it has no effect on the size of your object.
If you mean something totally different show a screenshot/attach blend file at least.

Okey. i made this simple example. The Box is 50x50 cm. but the UV image im using is 1x3m. - To get the realism of the right measure of the wood its a bit hard to get exact centimeter. hope you understand

Remember you can manipulate vertices in the uv/image editor just like in the 3d view so you can scale and move. Use the 2d curser and Shift+S snapping to move points to specific positions. You can see the position of the curser on the left. If you know your image is 100 x 300 pixels for example you want the face to be 50x50 pixels. Or fill the whole image with the face and then scale on the x axis x0.1667 and on the Y axis x0.5


sounds a bit complicated but yeah i understand how you meen. whould work super good if it was any addon or anything who gives the ability to measure exactly as the viewport

there is not measure units in UV editor
so you simply map face to the image whatever size it is !


This unit is called texel.
You can find pixels per meter.

TexTools have a tool for it.