UV mode and seams

when you do more thatn one unwrap - let say 2
one for the front face and one for neck

is it possible to use the textface mode to do the UV mapping
to [place the uv faces and then use the material mode ?

in the matierial mode you don’t see the face to be UV unless there is a way to see it in the editor like loading at 2 places the pic one in the uv editor as in textface mode and one in the texture

but then how do you do the placement of uv faces realted to the pic in texture ?

2 is there a way to select faces inside a loop mark seams ?


Texface and MaterialTextures are using the same active UVSet.
This means you make all UV Editing in the UV Editor. It doesn’t matter how you use the UVset.
If you use the same texture in the UVEditor and in the Materialtexture the placement is exactly the same.
(If not changed in the MapInput settings).

For 2.
Use Ctrl+L for selecting Faces in a closed area with seams (Select Linked)

i tried the select l in 3D veiwport but the UV is not dones yet ?
so it select all faces

and the one in uv editor is not workin because there is no unwrap yet ?

so i’ll try with the Ctr-L and see what happen

the thing is if you use the material mode for UV you don’t see where the uv faces are located on the pic
os i guess the only way is to load up image though the UV editor to see where theses UV faces are loacted on the image
unless there is anothere way to dot it ?