UV net order

I have a model of a basic house.
I unwrap the model and in the UV editor I see the net. I mark the seams then click unwrap.

How dop I select the order of the objects on the net as it looks like a whole lot of shapes in no order.

I have 7 rectangles of different size and 2 triangles

If I understand your question correctly you are trying to figure out what part of the uv mesh relates to the part on the model ?

Split your screen in two set one window to the uv editor, the other to 3d view select a face or verts on your model and this should show as highlighted in the uv editor now you know where that part relates to press L key to select any linked verts and move it somewhere logical, once you have it all sorted save the uv map and label the parts in an image editor to remind yourself where the parts go.

PS: when the button is pressed (keep uv edit mode in sync) you wont be able to move the uv island so unselect it to move the uv island once you know what part you need.


i have bl 2.5 . I still cant get it sorry.

I have 2 screens UV editor and 3d view. I select a face and mark seam then unwrap but i get the whole uv editor screen taken up by 1 face.

You have to unwrap everything. Think of it as a box that you are trying to cut open to lay flat. That’s exactly how you have to cut your house. Remember, there is no such thing as a net. It’s called a UV layout. No one knows what a net is, besides something you fish with. I know you want to call it a net, but no one will know what you mean.

I see that you are very frustrated by unwrapping, and I am trying to help, not be an a-hole. By using random terminology, you are adding a layer of confusion.

Watch those tutorials people have mentioned in your other threads. Watch them, really, don’t just watch 10 seconds, try to unwrap your house, and then scream in frustration.

Edit: I made a video of unwrapping a really low poly house. It’s processing now. I’ll post it when it’s done.

i can unwrap a UV no problem. this wasnt my question. The technical term for UV image is a net but I will ise UV image. It is unwrapping in order.

1)when I unwrap the UV image I can select face by face and this will appear on the ‘island’ grid. How do I resize this grid that comes up with UV unwrap? I can do as the video does and unwrapp all the images and rearrange the objects

You don’t resize the grid - you can zoom in and out with the scroll wheel. You can open an image in the uv editor, and that will re-proportion it - its default proprtions are 1 to 1, a square. Opening a 1024 x 512 will make a 2 to 1 rectangle. The grid itself has no scale. A 4096 sq. image and a 256 sq image will open as the same size in the uv editor.