UV not updating (tried several ways)

Hi. This happened to me before. Ive checked the solution in the forum that other users gave me, but it is not working in this occasion.

If you check here below (print screen) you can see the overscaled uv is not changing the outcome in my viewport.

Any idea what is wrong? I have only one uv map.

It is your Ocean Modifier…

if you want to change scale or such… delete the UV node and add Mapping and Texture Coordinate nodes…then you can adjust scale and rotation in real time again.

If you have Node Wrangler active, select your texture node and hit Ctrl+T and it will add them for you.

But, why I am not able to scale the texture through the uv editor? Shouldnt update on the go if I scale the uv ?

I finally figured it out…Instead of Generate…( it creates a new geometry !!) to displace, then it will work again…

Sorry it took so long to figure… :confused: