UV-Packer for Blender (free)

Yeah I am one of those people who doesn’t know the difference :wink:

I downloaded it and tried it but it wouldn’t unpack, tells me to move an exe. file to another folder

UV-Packer executable not found. Please copy UV-Packer-Blender.exe to: C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.91\scripts\addons\UV-Packer

Edit: Nevermind I didn’t download the other part :wink:

Per the directions…
You have to put the uv-packer.exe in that same folder. Manually.
Barring that, you will have that error.

edit: nevermind. You got it!

Yeah I got it, I didn’t have the exe. file though I hadn’t downloaded the other part

Perfect. It was fast, i did not even manage to answer :slight_smile:

I have tried everything to make in understandable, I have even created a blinking css on the download site, where the installation Step1 and Step2 blink and flash, like in old Amiga Demos, because I knew everybody is in hurry and nobody reads today anymore. (guys in the office removed it later, they said it is very offending: with such a visual statement “I would publicly doubt the intellectual abilities of my customers”, this is an absolute No-Go).

Well, it seems I should have, at least, write it BIGGER Font :slight_smile:

I’ll edit that, it’s needless :slight_smile:

Thanks for your work it looks good.

… edited too, was also needless. Today we must learn to defeat our over-sensitivity, it is a bad thing :slight_smile:

Yeah text doesn’t convey emotion and therefore intent, think it leads to a lot of unnecessary problems :slight_smile:

A technical question if I may?

Here, is it trying to pack evenly over the 2 tiles? Can I set it to fill the first tile before moving onto the second?

What does “evenly” exactly mean?
a) you want to have 50% of isles in 1 and 50% of tiles in the other tile?
b) you want to have uv space percentage usage approximately similar?
c) you want to pack an object, as you say “over” 2 charts - lay one UV isle as a piece over 2 tiles?

What does “set the first tile before second” exactly mean? You want:
a) set tiles to 1x1, then pack, then add the tile 2 and move isles manually to it?
a) “set first tile before second” - you mean you want to swap Tiles positions in the grid? But the first is, I think, always before second?

So here is how Packmaster unwrapped exactly the same mesh…

So the first UDMI tile (1001) was filled then the rest of the mesh was put into 1002. In yours it seems to divide the UV’s fairly evenly between the tiles, which is fine, I’m just asking if there is control over this? :slight_smile:

I understand now. Ok, no idea what other packer do, but this is how we do have it. I am sure, take another model and press few times Pack, and you will get different results.
Do not forget - uv packers are (almost all of them) non-deterministic. Each time you press pack, you get another combination. Press few times, you get differences up to 5%. Making it deterministic would massively slow down calculations. I must sit down one day and make a more scientific video about all this stuff…

About controls: Interesting idea, the Tile-UV-sheet usage methods. I’ll see if it is manageable in the code. Tiles programming is terrible, no one likes it since each time you want to do something in it, you must almost completely rewrite the logic of the whole software. thanks.


OK fair enough, thanks. :slight_smile:

Thank you for this, and while I can’t speak for all Mac users, I will say that the majority are nice people and not entitled assholes, and when it comes to offensive behavior unfortunately there is far too much of it coming from all sides.

Just wanted to check and see if you are still planning an OS X recompile. Coming from Houdini, this is exactly what I was missing in Blender so the moment it’s available for Mac I will be extremely grateful.

Many thanks for all your hard work!

Hi Midphase, thanks for your feedback!
I have already answered this to Sean. We will do it (s. below). I don’t know when, we must now finish some other addons and wait for the current UV-Packer feedbacks. I will keep you all posted here!. :slight_smile:

"Hi Sean! thanks for your feedback!
We will include Mac Version too, as stated. I just want to wait to see if there are some major issues in the Win release before recompiling it. I do not know how long it will take, but once we have Linux, Mac should be “waste-product”."

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Hello Igor,

Just wanted to check in to see if you might have any updates on a Mac release? I’d love to use your add-on, and quite honestly I’d be fine paying for it if it meant Mac support. Let me know, I am currently on a project where I need a good UV packing utility.


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Hi Midphase, thanks for the inquiry, I must wait till we finish UV-Packer next release. All programmers are still busy with another products and new releases, after that we will go back to mac. You will get the news as soon as we have it done :slight_smile: thanks


craving for Unwrella intensifies :eyes:

I want Unwrella so bad…

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Win 10
Blender 2.92
UV Packer 1.0.0

Was hoping for an even distribution of islands with minimum boarder space, like I see in the uv layout shots on the site and here at the start of the thread. When I set Padding to 50 that is what I get. Setting the padding to 1 gives me a lot of wasted space and is noticeable at a padding setting of 30. Here is a shot:

Couldn’t find anything in the docs. All aid appreciated.

Hm, it looks correct. I do not know what you have exactly hoped for, but if I would give you this pieces as paper cutouts and told you to place them in a rectangle form without squashing, rescaling and only in 90° rotation steps (these are the conditions you have set for the program to work with) you or any other software would not get any other much better result.
This is the combination, under to rule-set you defined, is almost the best result that can exist.

You can maybe try to set smaller rotation angles and with “Ø” 360° rotation steps; this way you may get few additional percent more. 60% ±5 what you have now is very likely the optimum, there is nothing wrong in the solution you have.

You will notice that the big isles are what define the space usage. They can not be better packed, they already fill all possible space. The small stuff has just filled the holes, with small isles you can’t save no more space - the large one are decisive in your project.