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(Positivity) #241

Ambi This is time saver Addon what I use all the time, thank you.
However I have one Question, it might not be possible to do but at last, I asked. So in production my meshes most time consist of many Objects what is not Joined Together this is for Baking Reasons and now to pack UVs I need to Join them all Together, Pack UVs and then Split them apart again what is pain in ass + Function “Separate by Lose parts” splits in to small parts what is again need to be then joined together, what I was thinking is Is there any Possible way to make it so you can Unwrap Multiple Objects without Joining them Together, In blender there is this “Draw Other Objects” what allows you to see all Selected Object UVs even if they are not Joined together. Here is picture what i was thinking and you can see my mesh in front with alot of Separate Parts. http://i67.tinypic.com/hw0jua.png

Thank you .

(ambi) #242

If I understand you right, Multi UV addon is absolutely brilliant and works with the UV packer https://github.com/ndee85/Multi-Object-UV-Editing

(Positivity) #243

Wow didnt know about this Addon, will test it out ASP. Thank you .

UPDATE: Just Tried it out it is Exactly what i was looking for, you just saved me almost Day of work.

(Dzmitry) #244

There is Texture Atlas addon that comes with Blender and allows unwrapping multiple objects.

(servapunk) #245

Hi, I purchased this addon some time ago but when I try to install it I got this

How can I fix it? please

(ambi) #246

Hi servapunk, you need Numpy library installed for Python 3. Normally it comes with the Blender installation on Windows automatically, but some Linux versions do not seem to have it. If you’re using Debian based systems you can just “sudo apt install python3-numpy”. I don’t know about MacOS because I’m unable to test it, but it should also work just by installing Numpy to the Python Blender is using.

If your Numpy installation is broken, you may need to reinstall it. If you can “import numpy” from Blender console, but the addon still gives you that error it is a bug in the addon that needs to be fixed.

edit: From the “DLL load failed” it seems you’re using Windows. Try a completely fresh Blender installation (just download from blender.org [https://www.blender.org/download/Blender2.79/blender-2.79b-windows64.zip/] copy to a folder and run the .exe from that folder) with all addons disabled except the UV packing addon.

(dro) #247

Hey ambi!
Thank you for this add-on, it’s really amazing.
Could you please help me with one problem I’m facing? When I change islands scale… for example for 300px/m(using textools) and then start to pack… it ignores my changes and enlarge it again to the texture size. Maybe I’m forgetting to use some options, Skip pre-scale is unchecked(even if I check it, it does the same thing).
Please help:(

(ambi) #248

@dro: that’s a bug. I’ll try to get it fixed asap. Skip pre-scale should work for your problem, but currently it doesn’t.

(mifth) #250

I love this addon. I use it every day! It makes my life easier.

I found a bug. It packs this object really strange.
tmp1.blend (1.1 MB)

(ambi) #251

Hi, mifth. Nice to hear you’re enjoying using the addon. The most recent version should work fine. If not, the in-development version does seem to pack it decently well. It’s still under some major rewrite so I can’t really upload it yet.

(mifth) #252

Cool! No problem i’ll wait. In 99% the tool works perfectly.

(Ral Rigs) #253

Hello could you make it compatible with blender 2.8 please
Thank you

(Sorda) #254

Can I freeze my selected islands from rotating?

(ambi) #255

@Ral_Rigs I will start the process as soon as beta hits

@Sorga set rotations to 0 and disable the flip option, it will disable all rotation and mirroring, only packing them

(Sorda) #256

Thanks for answer and addon, it awesome.

(Sorda) #257

I can not understand what the parameters Size and Polycoynt mean, and what will happen with different values of these parameters, becouse i didnt see difference between them. Can you please give a detailed description of each parameter?

(Giakaama) #258

Hi Ambi, any news on the 2.8 update ?

(ambi) #259

I’m working on a couple of feature improvements but still have to finalize them before I can publish the release. After that I can look into 2.80. It’s already semi-working in 2.80, but a couple of bugs to iron out, and the 2.80 Python interface is still changing. The goal is to have a fully working new (final) release in 2.79 which I can then import to 2.80.

@Sorda documentation is on my todo, just not something that I can get to before getting both 2.79 and 2.80 versions out.

(Tappi) #260

Hi ambi, just got your AddOn from gumroad and packed a 3mio photogrammetry mesh with >30k uv islands with 24 experimental accelerator threads activated…
Excellent work :slight_smile:

(Adam) #261

Your Plugin is Awesome. - I was using I pack that previously, and yours is much MUCH better. well done. - can’t wait to use it in 2.8!