UV packing


(Giakaama) #262

Any news with the 2.8 Version ?

(ambi) #263

I just put it on Gumroad a while ago (shotpacker-blender28-alpha). There are many bugs in Blender 2.8 UV handling so overlap might not work very well. As the Blender beta progresses I’ll try to find how to bring back the old features.

There’s also a new feature (keep iterating) that tries multiple configurations and results in tighter packing, but takes more time. You can stop it anytime by pressing escape and it saves the best result it has found.

(Giakaama) #264

Right now I’ve refreshed the gumroad page and I’ve seen it the alpha :slight_smile: . Thank you !

(NinthJake) #265

For some reason the addon won’t install from the usual way of installing zip files in 2.8. Instead I had to open up the zip file and extract the shotpacker folder in the addons folder.

The addon also can’t really handle multi-object UV editing. This is something I noticed that shotpacker also missed initially on their update to 2.8

(ambi) #267

You should be able to solve the overlapping islands problems after the packing with turning off the “Overlap detection” feature in Shotpacker options. If that doesn’t fix the overlap, it’s a bug I’m yet unaware of.

Fixing the overlap issue and the multi-object UV editing is what I’m currently working on.

(talking about the Blender 2.8 alpha version of the addon)