UV packing

Update stats button in the Shotpacker stats should reset the running flag if something has gone wrong. If you have any additional information on the issue, feel free to email me or send a PM.

@MichaelBenDavid When Blender was shut down, any Blender process also ended. Also, restarting the machine did not fix it.

@ambi That worked, thank you.

Does this addon does a better job at packing then the uv packmaster pro

I don’t think you will find someone who has both addons installed. But I also don’t think there is a big difference in the end result either. I have chosen this addon because it seems to be easier to use. Anyway I am fully satisfied with it.

Ambi, hi there.
There were already people encountering file path issue while trying to download necessary libs for add-on to work, and guess that the work on fixing the issue for 2.90.x is still in progress, so just wanted to ask is there a way to install these libraries manually, so that add-on would recognize them while?

Hope, you’re safe and sound in this rather troubling time ^^


Edited: Supplied the screenshot with the blender console report

I thought I fixed this a while ago. Are you using the latest version (Shotpacker_2.0.18)?

yeap, latest version possible downloaded from gumroad - 2.0.18