UV packing


(ILIOS) #61

Greatest addon!

Is there a chance for correct packing overlapping islands?

This is the only thing that is not enough for me at the moment.

(fiendish55) #62

Same here in game development it’s very important to have packing that doesn’t separate “shared uv islands” aka overlapping uv islands.
I have found out that nutti’s magic uv addon has this kinda feature but it uses blender own shitty packing solution and I would highly recommend ambi to look out if there could be possibility to use his solution and try to join it with this awesome tool.

(Adder1812) #63

Nice!! Waiting for updates. Great work.

(aaadragon) #64

@ambi is addon can use all cores of my 4790?

(aaadragon) #65

Hi @ambi! Is addon can use all cores of my i7?

(ambi) #66

No it’s currently only single core.

(ambi) #67

I uploaded packer-beta-2017-26-05.zip to Gumroad if anyone is interested in unstable version of the preliminary release of overlapping UV packing. The algorithm seems to be working but needs more testing and (possibly) debugging.

If there are many overlapping islands, it’s good to increase the start percentage over 1.0 so that the islands use all the space. This is to be fixed in the future.

(fiendish55) #68

OMG Thanks for making this possible I can now work completely inside blender and uninstall abandon-ware ipack that ^^

(CLuss) #69

I´m purchasing ur addon right now because of this. Thanks a lot. Big advance for the Blender Community.

(mbbmbbmm) #70

@ambi I downloaded the beta, but how does one actually preserve overlapping islands? Is there a manual somewhere?

(ambi) #71

If you have UVs from for example a mirrored mesh where the two islands are exactly the same it should detect them and pack them as one island. There currently isn’t an option to turn it off in the beta. You can use Blender packer first to separate the islands then use the addon to pack islands to separate them.

If there are any discreperancies, it doesn’t treat the islands as same.

(jasonx10) #72

It would be nice if the overlap tool could give the overlapping parts a offset in the 0-1 UV space (normalized), this is need in order to bake those parts properly.

(n1k) #73

Yeah! That would be super awesome!

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(ambi) #74

@jasonx10, @n1k: I’m not quite sure what you mean? Some elaboration, demonstration of the idea or a link would be helpful. There isn’t really an overlap tool. The algorithm currently just detects islands that are exactly the same and packs them as the same, instead of separating them. Also if you have .blends that break the algorithm, a link to http://pasteall.org/blend/ would be appreciated, and perhaps some explanation if pertinent.

(Michael Knubben) #75

What they’re talking about is the practice of moving overlapping islands outside of the 0-1 area by a full step, which is intended for baking (normalmaps) correctly.

(MmAaXx) #76

bought it!

(so3Datel) #77

hi. can you help me? how to fix this?
v. 1.1.4

v 1.1.3 is just freezes on 11.33%

i think i understand why that happened.
it happened if some piece of geometry does not unwrapped

(ambi) #78

@so3Datel: It might be that you didn’t remove the previous addon before you installed the new one. If it simply overwrote into the directory some files may be mixed up.

More specifically the error is because it can’t find the debug directory. Debug should be set to False in settings.py in the release and beta versions.

(PipTogo) #79

This addon is a must have for gamedevs using blender. Works great with the Multi Object UV Editing addon!
Great work ambi! Continue what you’re doing!

(jasonx10) #80

look at this:

There are some identical islands, but instead of spread them on the 0-1 UV space, it would be nice to position them on the exact same place with the same rotation and then offset the identical islands out of the 0-1 UV space, keeping only one at the 0-1 UV space.