UV packing


(jasonx10) #81

Look at this:

Those identical parts were placed at the same position and rotation, then they were offset out of the 0-1 UV Space.

(Zuorion) #82

is there a chance, to have option to pack uv only selected uv islands?

(cgstrive) #83

+1 please. Very 1/3 models i work with have UV tiling such as this: http://cgstrive.com/SS/2_682017_643b.png. It would make sense to have everything selected except such parts and selectively pack around them

(thomascheng) #84

Thank you. Must have addon!

(TeaCrab) #85


My poor 3770k is struggling to finish a simple pack under 1 minute. I’m sure this is going to be a bless on my upcoming Ryzen.

I’m also curious of what the official UV unpacking project will do. There was one thing I’m sure every artist would love. It’s to manually define a group of island, and let the unpacking algorithm treat this pre-defined group of island as a single island.

The result may waste more space, but this enables more control for the creator.

Let me correct myself… This shit is fast…

(Guerrilla705) #86

I’m getting a syntax error at line 85 of island.py around the bpy_intersect call whenever I try and check the box to install the add-on, regardless of if I install it from file or copy it into the addons folder. Am I missing something for the installation?

(ambi) #87

The overlapping island movement by 1 UV should now be working in packer-beta-2017-07-06 on Gumroad. Please report any bugs. Any .blends where the addon fails are very useful. @cgstrive & others: the selected islands is next on the list of problems I will attempt to solve.

Should the unselected islands be scaled to maintain proportion with the selected islands during scaling, or should the unselected islands be left as they are, without any scaling? I’m currently going for scaling (to fit the UV area) everything in a way that maintains proportionality, even if it’s unselected. It’s kind of difficult to imagine a single way that would satisfy all use cases where selective packing is required.

(burnin) #88

Thanks, will give it a test…

:confused: about scaling.
So user would select whichever island & it will always scale them all. How to then leave out those which shouldn’t be scaled?
No checker, button (on/off)?

(Guerrilla705) #89

I get a syntax error for line 85 of island.py when I try and activate the add-on – it seems to be complaining about the *argument syntax on the bpy_intersect line there. Did I install something incorrectly? :spin:

(ambi) #90

If you deleted the previous addon folder, and installed the new one, you didn’t do anything incorrectly. The file structure got changed at some point, so if you simply unpack the new version over the old version, it might not work correctly. The correct way is to delete the old folder/addon first, and then install the new version.

Also the addon is developed for Blender 2.78+ Python 3.5.2 (builtin). If you’re using any earlier versions, I can’t guarantee that it will work.

It might also be a bug that has not been discovered yet. If some corrupted data from the island generation slipped through, it might be just the place where the addon fails.

(fiendish55) #91

Overlapping island packing is having some issues I tried with several of normal cubes unwrapped them and made them share the same uv space. It kept all put one together even though they were identical and overlapped exactly over each other.

(Tosky) #92

You think is possible to include an option to give same texel density to uv islands?

(Guerrilla705) #93

I was still in 2.6, that was my issue! Thanks for the response :slight_smile:

(n1k) #94

You can already do that in blender uv editor. It is called Average island scale.


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(LuckySloth) #95

When I try to activate the addon produces an error:

What should be done? 2.78 version

(ambi) #96

@LuckySloth: It looks to me like your numpy installation is corrupted. Numpy is a math library that comes with Python, which Blender uses for scripting. For some reason there’s a “numpy” in the addon folder and it tries to initialize a DLL and fails.

Try renaming or removing “numpy” in the addons folder that shows in the error message.

(David7S) #97

Thank you so much for creating this addon! Saves me lot of time (and boredom).

(David7S) #98

Thank you so much for creating this addon! It saves me a lot of time (and boredom).

(madved) #99

Thank you for the addon. What you can say about multithreading in the addon?

(madved) #100

Thank you for the addon. What you can say about multithreading in the addon?