UV packing


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omg, Houdini is unbelievable fast and compact

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I’m sorry for doing this but in this case it really seems appropriate!


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It’s not realtime (the baking took 19 minutes or something in the first video) It’s still impressive though.


Nutti, I have problems trying to pack an UV with overlapping island. The pack terminate before, at 5%, if I pack the island with blender system and try the addon then I have a normal solution. It happens with stable and beta versions.

Do we have a new beta version near?

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Nutti? :smiley: Different UV addon.

The pack terminates before finishing? Can you Pastebin me the system console log from Blender, what does it say? Also if you send me the .blend that fails to pack, I can test it.

About the beta. I’ve been in the process trying to rewrite the program structure, but that’s proving to be harder than anticipated. Might be that I have to try and put the features in using the existing structure, which will make it a lot harder to add features. At least the pack only selected features would be operational.


Ambi, true, sorry, I send you the file by MP, is a NDA asset

Rewrite the program? using more efficient code? like python C++ libraries? curiosity

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Just what happens when programming projects get to a certain size. You need better abstractions to build better abstractions on and so forth. Which means restructuring all code with rogue state.

Even if it’s NDA asset, you can probably paste the possible error messages from the console?


I have send you the asset by private message

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Thank you once again for this plugin, has already saved many hours.

Here’s a small request, I hope. Would it be possible to PACK only SELECTED, so if user has manually aligned some UVs and wants them unchanged, then uv packer tries to fit existing pieces between the “locked shells”?

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I added a new beta on Gumroad that should have this functionality. If you have islands deselected on the right corner of the UV area it might go over the 0-1 area, but you can change this by lowering start percentage.


Hi Ambi

Really good the new version. Still being slow, but give really great results, better than UnfoldUV in my opinion.

I don’t know if I do before, or in other thread. But could it have a user friendly margin input? Where you put manually the texture resolution and the space in pixels that you want between objects.

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ambi, I have a small question.
If I will write the value “8/1024” in “Margin (%)”?
This will be considered as a padding of 8 pixels on a texture with a size of 1024?
Or what value I need to enter in “Margin (%)” to get the desired padding?
sorry for my english


I thinkt that you need to make 8/1024*100

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you are right, in Shotpacker description say : “Margin determines how big the edge margin is for the island. 100.0 (%) is the length of the entire UV area. So something like 0.5 is in the reasonable range. For example with 1024x1024 textures, 10 pixels is 10/1024 = ~1.0 (%)”

I allowed myself to create a concept of how addon might look with additional functions

Padding - space between islands
Border - space betwen island and texture border
sorry for my english

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Nice consept I personally like padding & border section.

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Nice concept. Very interesting. I’m just wondering why would you need to input texture resolution as that’s something Blender already knows? The way I’m currently planning it is having 1024 as default when there’s no texture and then when there is a texture, just using that and simply having a single margin value in pixels.

Plus currently how the margin operates that there is a border of half the distance between the islands. So in your example you would just input margin as 4 pixels and that would mean border 4 and padding 8.

The algorithm isn’t perfect so if I currently would make it as pixels it would be very inconsistent on sharp corners. It’s also something I’m planning on changing to have more accuracy.

The “use texture dimensions” checkbox isn’t about the size of the texture but the portion of the (0-1, 0-1) UV space the algorithm will take. Because of how Blender currently handles UV, you need to scale differently if the texture height and width do not match.

Thinking it a bit more you could possibly combine them into one, as the texture size is still the same.

In the end it is mostly a workflow question, which is a bit tough for me to answer as I’m at best a mediocre artist who doesn’t do volume. :slight_smile:


In the moment that blender don’t have a “official” way to tell the output UV map resolution is better be specific about it. Because for example I never work with my final resolution, I preffer work with x2 or x4 resolution to have better quality and details, also some margin to improve resolution in a future. Other times I’m using different resolution for each UVmap, for example texture use 1024 resolution and lightmap 256.

From my point of view the best way is that resolution is write in your addon with a similar solution to mockup. I was thinking in something like this when i told the proposal.

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Update: Bugfix release 2018-01-21 is now on Gumroad. Sometimes the addon crashed when trying to pack selected islands. Added some error checking code.

@DcVertice: Thanks for the explanation

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so i bought addon and how to update it?i see you reles new updates but on gumroad says i need to pay again for addon

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so i bought addon few mounts ago,i see you make updates but i cant download on gumroad,do i need to pay again?