[UV Packmaster] Efficient UV packing solution for Blender (C++ based, multithreaded)


(glukoz) #202

@MattVG Have you received any update regarding this issue from the Tabs add-on developers?


This update provide fixes for bugs which were found during working on new functionalities. One of the fixes is really important, that is why we strongly recommend updating.

(MattVG) #203

The developer responded with:

The probem is that blender UI enables some freedom for addon developers. Developers try to overcome Blender UI problems by implementing cool stuff directly into panels - like subpanels, or headers with functionality… I try to fix addons which I have(can’t buy all addons :slight_smile: ), but some things just can’t be fixed from my side…

And then talked about how tabs aren’t properly implemented in Blender at this time, but the developer would like to get them implemented someday. The thread is here if you’re interested.

(cgstrive) #204

Hello. Finally updated to 1.82. This time having issue with a character:

It’s not directly your fault, but such result guarantees it cannot be used as it will take more time resolving every finger than it is to manually pack.

If you would like another idea for future for plugin or extend this one, then Blender’s lacking a good UV relaxation functionality as max, maya do. It would resolve this issue (although packer must work regardless).


(glukoz) #205

That’s very interesting. Could you share a blend file containing the faulting part of the UV map?

[EDIT] Wait a minute - are you sure you are using version 1.82? In the packer interface I cannot see the version number - it should be there if you really used version 1.82.

(glukoz) #206

BTW: We created a short video showing how the new UV map validation feature works in practice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQ1cjMDO62E

In the video you can see how useful the new feature really is :slight_smile:

(aghandwork) #207

Hi! Antivirus 360 total security say that - uvPack.exe (…AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.79\scripts\addons\uv_packmaster\packer\win) - is Malware.

??? Is it ok?

(fiendish55) #208

propably false positive would be bad business to include virus in paid addon lol, check your file with this https://www.virustotal.com/#/home/upload

(anphung) #209

Avast scans the file everytime I install a new version of UVP. It says nothing is wrong though.

(aghandwork) #210

virustotal.com - says that everething is OK (Clean)…Thank you!

(cgstrive) #211


Can’t share file sorry. Just take any character from blendswap. Areas like lips, eyes, fingers, toes, inner mouth etc will overlap slightly when unwrapped with U functionality and prevent packing.

(glukoz) #212

I see. I’ve checked the packer with a few character models from blendswap and it worked correctly (even when applying subdivision level 3). So your case is quite interesting. I will send you a private message describing how you could help us with debugging this without sending a file.

(cgstrive) #213

Thoroughly tested 1.82 with different models, works flawlessly. Falsely reported prior error. Thank you for the amazing plugin.

(spydurhank) #214

Thanks for the update, Love this addon and all of your hard work.

(Way2Close) #215

Heya, I want “Validate UVs” to be a one click solution, I was going to create a quick script that enters face mode, selects all faces, enables extended topology analysis and enables process self-intersecting UV face. However I can’t seem to enable or disable the last two in a script, any help?

(glukoz) #216

How do you set those options in your script?

(Way2Close) #217

That’s what I meant, I don’t know how to set “extended topology analysis” and “process self-intersecting UV faces” because they aren’t registered like a normal property.

(glukoz) #218

Not sure whether it will work from your script, but try:

bpy.context.user_preferences.addons['uv_packmaster'].preferences.extended_topo_analysis = True
bpy.context.user_preferences.addons['uv_packmaster'].preferences.allow_self_intersect = True

(Way2Close) #219

Wow thank you, worked perfectly :slight_smile: saved me a lot of hassle there haha

(PuaGo) #220

I don’t know where else to request this, so I just do it here:
It would be very useful to have an option to “[ ] Rotation Enable” on a per Island basis.
Other than that, awesome Add-On and to me, worth much more than the 15$ it costs.

(glukoz) #221

Thanks for the opinion.

I like your idea, but the problem is that a per-island option might be problematic to implement in the Blender interface. As far as I know Blender does not support associating any custom value with an island.