[UV Packmaster] Efficient UV packing solution for Blender (C++ based, multithreaded)


(cgstrive) #222

This addon has saved me several hours per every week. I have not come across anything offering similar features, performance as this in any soft(except Houdini, but there are nuances). I cannot recommend it highly enough!

Minor feedback: With games there’s strict PPI dictated by client and are artists are forced to use whatever texture size fits the asset. Very often it’s wide 2:1 ratio (e.g 2048x1024). Currently it works well from First pack however if you press Pack several times, you might get severe distortions as I reported already. For example if your UV is already packed at 2:1 ratio, by modifying the model and then trying to Repack, you get severe distortions requiring to first pack at 1:1 ratio, then 2:1 every time. However it’s a minor nuisance.

Once again Thank you for this amazing tool!

(Michael Knubben) #223

Finally bought this now that I need to unwrap some complex shapes!
My one suggestion right off the bat: could you make the warning text at the bottom wrap around? It’s very useful, but right now your panel needs to be very wide for it to be readable.

(glukoz) #224

@cgstrive Thank you for the positive opinion :slight_smile: Regarding tex ratio: yes, I am aware of this issue, I will try to improve the non-squared pack workflow in the future.

@Michael_Knubben We will try to fix this issue, unfortunately the Blender interface is not very flexible in a matter of text displaying.

(glukoz) #226

It’s black friday today. You can buy the pro version at a lower price $12 :slight_smile:

[EDIT] Actually black friday is tomorrow so you have one day more to take a chance :wink:


I’m having issues with the new versions, that are up.

I’m pressing pack (DEMO) and then a screen pops up that displays the UV outlined in red. The Blender info bar says to close the DEMO window to finish.

I close that display screen and it says that its finished packing. But the uv itself hasn’t changed?

(glukoz) #228

That’s the excepted behaviour: the demo version shows how the add-on would pack your UV map, but results are not applied.


I recall that it could pack apply it in an older version however?

PackMaster has been quite an important addon for my modeling previously, until the most recent update where it appeared to change.

Anyhow, it’s a great add-on and when I can I would definately shell out a few bucks to support it.

(glukoz) #230

You could apply result in the basic version, but it is not currently supported.

(glukoz) #231


You probably don’t remember a comment I made some time ago after the add-on got a significant performance boost, so let me recall: “…even now the add-on is not as fast as it could be - you can except new performance optimizations in the future.” We are really glad to announce that this is happening right now :slight_smile:

GENERAL IMPROVEMENTS (applicable to both versions extended and professional):

  • Significant performance optimizations - according to our tests packing is even two times faster on some UV maps.
  • New operation “Select Similar”: selects all islands which have a similar shape to already selected islands.


  • Next update of the island grouping algorithm: you can now choose between two island grouping methods: by material (the standard method) or by similarity - islands of a similar shape are packed together.
  • UV validation improvements: UV faces which were very small, but still properly unwrapped, were incorrectly reported as invalid. This update fixes this issue: now a UV face must have area really close to zero in order to be reported.

A non-trivial code refactoring was introduced with this release so bugs may always happen. If you spot a bug, please consider sending us a faulting UV map for examination.

(glukoz) #232

This is how grouping by similarity works in practice :slight_smile:

(spydurhank) #233

Wow, awesome! Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

(jellbelle) #234

Can you notify about updates via gumroad?

(glukoz) #235

Sure, we send a newsletter to the users after every update. This time I postponed sending an e-mail a bit because we are going to release a beta version of the add-on with Blender 2.8 support really soon. It wouldn’t make sense to send e-mails twice in a short period of time :slight_smile:

Note that you are going to receive e-mails from us only if you didn’t choose the ‘Do not contact me’ option during a purchase.

(Bohdan Lvov) #236

whoa, can’t wait!

(glukoz) #237

You don’t have to wait anymore :slight_smile:

Beta version of UVPackmaster supporting Blender 2.8 is now available for all customers. If you want to check it out simply download an add-on zip file with ‘blend2.8-beta’ suffix in the name from gumroad.

Important note: we did a quick testing of the add-on with Blender 2.8 and it worked well and stable, despite that we consider this add-on version as beta simply because Blender 2.8 is currently in the beta version. Keep in mind that unexpected issues may always happen when using this configuration.

(NinthJake) #238

Awesome. I tested it out for a couple of minutes so I have not tried it extensively at all but the main thing I wanted to try was packing the UV’s of multiple objects together with multi-object editing but that does not seem to work. Only the active selected object gets packed but it also doesn’t use the whole UV space when you’ve got multiple objects selected.

(fiendish55) #239

Use this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxAbh2o4XC0

(NinthJake) #240

I know about that addon. I use it every day and it works perfectly in combination with UV packmaster in Blender 2.7 but I am talking about UV packmaster in Blender 2.8 :slight_smile:

(Bohdan Lvov) #241

Holy molly, that’s fantastic! Works like a charm so far!

(fiendish55) #242

My mistake, you are right it gotta work with blender 2.8 new multi object edit mode, so we can unwrap multiple objects that aren’t joined together.