[UV Packmaster] Efficient UV packing solution for Blender (C++ based, multithreaded)


(Piotr Adamowicz) #325

@glukoz Do you think you could move the UI to the N-key menu instead of the Toolbar? Apparently that’s where addons are supposed to live in 2.8, and besides it looks quite messy under the active tools there. Just a little nitpick.

(glukoz) #326

Yes, I am aware that addon interfaces should go to the N-key panel. I already tried to move it there some time ago, but Blender didn’t create a separate tab for UVPackmaster due to some reason. We will try to debug the issue and move the interface in the next release.

(Piotr Adamowicz) #327

I haven’t coded for a long time, but AFAIR if you want it I a separate tab, I think you just need to assign it a category.

(glukoz) #328

Off course, that was how I was doing that, but as far as I can remember Blender was replacing the View tab with my new tab then. Maybe it is already fixed in the newest version of Blender 2.8.

(glukoz) #329

RELEASE 2.0.1 (Early Access Beta)

  • the add-on interface in Blender 2.8 was moved to the N-key panel of the UV editor
  • support for Mac was added (note that Cuda support on Mac systems is currently experimental).
  • new operation: align similar islands - all selected islands which are similar in shape are placed on top of each other
  • a few bug fixes including an important fix for a bug which prevented the Advanced Heuristic option to be applied correctly when packing on GPU.

(Oleg Stepanov) #330

Does 2.0.1 uploaded to gumroad?


(carbon2) #332

hi, is it on gumroad? on gumroad i keep being redirected to 1.91.3 download from ‘UVPackmaster 2 (Early Access Beta) PRO’ product

(tallken) #333

waiting update too

now https://gumroad.com/l/uvpackmaster2 is uv_packmaster-pro-1.91.3-blend2.8-beta

(glukoz) #334

It looks like gumroad didn’t save uploaded files because of some reason. Please check the product once again, the files should be there.

Sorry for inconvenience.

In mean time you can see how the new Align Similar feature works in practice :slight_smile:

(Michael Knubben) #335

@glukoz Would it be an idea to draw some info (most importantly: the measured area) in Grease Pencil/Annotation in the UV window?
I can’t find a way to anchor it to the uv area rather than the camera right now (this used to be possible in 2.79), but it might be a nice way to display some limited, important information for a longer time than just a popup

I made a quick GP mockup to show what I mean:

This addon does something similar with GP in the viewport, and might be helpful in figuring out how you’d write text: renderhjs.net/fbxbundle/

This is what that looks like:

ps. I’m loving the ‘Align Similar’. Haven’t tested it on anything but cubes yet, but it’s been working perfectly! Have you considered an option to give all but one of the stacked islands an offset of a full 0-1 UV range? This is useful in workflows where you need to bake textures.

(glukoz) #336

These are really good ideas, we will consider implementing them when we are done with the features we are currently working on :slight_smile:

(glukoz) #337

RELEASE 2.0.2 (Early Access Beta)

This release fixes occasional random crashes of the packer. We did a very extensive testing of this version and didn’t encounter any issues, that is why we consider this version as very stable. Hence our request: if you see any crash using this version we would be really grateful if you notify us via e-mail with some details.

UPDATE INFO: when upgrading to the new version we recommend that you first remove the older version of UVPackmaster2 and then install the new one. By doing so you will ensure that restarting Blender won’t be necessary after upgrading.

(Alexander Smirnov) #338

hi hi just bought 1.91.3 for blender 2.8 but got:

what i do wrong?

(glukoz) #339

As a first step remove the add-on completely and then reinstall.

Make sure you use the add-on zip file with the ‘blend.28-beta’ suffix when installing in Blender 2.8.

(rawalanche) #340


I am finding UVPackmaster awesome for most of the UV mapping I do. It’s mostly much better than Blender’s default packer. What is curious though, is that UVPackmaster tends to be much worse if the pack is something really, really simple, for example:

Blender’s native pack:


I tried different combinations of settings, but Blenders default packer still does much better job in this case :slight_smile:

(glukoz) #341

The point is that it is difficult to tune the packing algorithm in a way so it gives optimal results for all kinds of UVs. While it is technically possible to do so, it would introduce a performance penalty to the overall packing procedure, and this is something we would really like to avoid.

In other words it is our design decision to focus on very fast and efficient packing of non-regular UV maps, even if it may result in inefficient packing of simple UV patterns. The rationale behind this decision is quite obvious: why care much about simple UV maps if the built-in Blender packer can pack them quite decently (because they are simple)? :slight_smile:

(Lamms) #342

Just bought the addon, and I seem to be getting a good few errors that come up when I try to enable the addon after attempting to install it with an older version and the latest current version of 2.8.

Any idea what might be causing this kind of thing?

Help would be appreciated.

Never mind, I solved the issue on my own within minutes of posting this. Just had to delete and regenerate my script folder for 2.8.


@glukoz Hi, I’m using the 2.0.2 beta and my GPU isn’t listed under packing device. I have an EVGA GeForce GTX 780 and GPU-Z states that its CUDA compute capability is 3.5. GPU rendering in Cycles works fine, so I don’t think it’s a problem with the graphics card. My drivers are 398.36 from last July, though. Would updating them help or is my GPU simply not supported? Great addon btw, just hope I can test the GPU packing.

(Frank) #344

I have 2 4gig gtx 970s and a 32gig radeon pro duo. The addon only shows my cpu. :frowning:
The cpu option is still super fast as always. :slight_smile:

Thank you for any help and all of your hard work.

(glukoz) #345

Thank you both for reporting this issue. Could you check whether the issue persist with the newest drivers?