[UV Packmaster] Efficient UV packing solution for Blender (C++ based, multithreaded)



Ah, it appears now after updating to 419.35. Not sure why I didn’t just do this earlier lol. Thanks!

Edit: Jeez, GPU packing is lightning fast compared to my 4.4 GHz i5-3570k. Iteration progress is about three to four times faster. You’ve really outdone yourself!

(glukoz) #347

We didn’t receive any crash report after beta version 2.0.2 was out, that is why we made a decision to officially release UVPackmaster 2 as a stable version(*) :slight_smile:


A few improvements was introduced with this release:

  • so far UV validation operator required the user to switch to the UV face selection mode before it could be run. This was inconvenient from the user experience perspective, that is why this requirement is no longer present in the newest version. You can now run UV validation with any selection mode, and if any invalid UV face is found then add-on will automatically switch to the face selection mode.
  • Benchmark panel was renamed to Statistics. Now it also contains the UV island area returned by the last operation
  • New option Automatic UV Pre-Validation: automatically validate the UV map before packing. If any invalid UV face is found during validation, packing will be aborted and the given UV faces will be selected
  • minor bug fixes

Note that the demo version is also available for this official release, it can be downloaded directly from here. With the demo version you can test all the professional edition features for free (note that the packing result cannot be applied to the UV map with this version, it is rendered in a separate window).

Off course the official release doesn’t mean that we stop working on improving our add-on. You can except new releases for UVPackmaster 2 in the near future. Keep in mind that if you buy UVPackmaster 2 you will receive all those updates for free.

All users who bought the early access beta should already have access to the UVPackmaster 2 PRO product in a usual way.

(*) Note that only the Blender 2.79 variant of the add-on is officially stable, the Blender 2.8 variant is still officially beta simply because Blender 2.8 is in beta.

(gstaley) #348


Just downloaded this specifically for Blender 2.8 (have the latest version and the latest version of your addon).

Getting error messages installing it:

A Traceback (most recent call last):
File “D:\Program Rles\Blender Foundations.80\scripts\modules\addon_utils.py”, line 351, in enable mod = import(module_name)
Rle “C:\Users\grant\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.80\scripts\addons\uvpackmaster2_Jnit_.py”, line 15, in from .operator import *
Rle “C:\Users\grant\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\BlenderS.80\scripts\addons\uvpackmaster2\operator.py”, line 7, in from .utils import *
Rle “C:\Users\grant\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\BlenderS.80\scripts\addons\uvpackmaster2\utils.py”, line 9, in from .prefs import *
Rle “C:\Users\grant\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\BlenderS.80\scripts\addons\uvpackmaster2\prefs.py”, line 2, in import multiprocessing
Rle “D:\Program Rles\Blender Foundations.80\python\lib\multiprocessing_init_.py”, line 16, in from . import context
Rle “D:\Program Rles\Blender Foundations.80\python\lib\multiprocessing\context.py”, line 6, in from . import reduction
Rle “D:\Program Rles\Blender Foundations.80\python\lib\multiprocessing\reduction.py”, line 16, in import socket
Rle “D:\Program Rles\Blender Foundations.80\python\lib\socket.py”, line 49, in import socket
ImportError: DLL load failed: %1 is not a valid Win32 application.
Save Preferences

Any idea? Blender looks to have been updated as of today and the build matches what you have listed.

(glukoz) #349

Make sure you use the 64-bit version of Blender.

(gstaley) #350

100% 64-bit.

(glukoz) #351

I downloaded the latest Blender 2.8 build today and verified that the add-on is working correctly. Not sure what might be the reason of this issue.

Could you try the solution from this post? Rename “2.80” directory instead of “2.79”.

(Jazzik) #352

Hello, I have problem with the addon too.


And it not working…

But the last beta version work perfectly.

(toomanydemons) #353


I wanted to upgrade to Packmaster 2.0, and the GumRoad page says to contact you for a discount code. Unfortunately the page gives no way to contact you as far as I can tell.

What email do I contact you at? Also, would you need my invoice?



(glukoz) #354

@Jazzik Use the zip file with the ‘blend2.8-beta’ suffix. The zip file without a suffix is meant for Blender 2.79. The add-on variant for Blender 2.8 is very stable, BUT it is still officially in beta version simply because Blender 2.8 is in beta.

[EDIT] I’ve added the ‘blend-2.79’ suffix to the zip file designated for Blender 2.79 so there should be no more misunderstandings.

@toomanydemons Write us at [email protected] No invoice needed, just make sure you write from the e-mail address you used for buying the first version.

(Christoph Werner) #355

I found this AddOn just now.

One question: Is the 2.8 version free for 2.79 clients?

(ByteC) #356

Hey Christoph,

Both versions are shown in my gumroad account.

Jössas, ein Siedler :stuck_out_tongue:

(Christoph Werner) #357

Thanks. I’ve seen it later too.

-> Ja, der UR-Siedler neben Volker Wertich, würde ich sagen… :wink:

(ByteC) #358

Sorry for being offtopic for a short moment guys …

Ihr jungen Säcke …

ja, das waren noch Zeiten am Amiga mit Assembler ... lass das Jungvieh mal schön grüssen :wink: 
so und raus aus dem offtopic ... jmp ffff:0000 :)

(so3Datel) #359

really liked this addon.
I liked that it can pack several objects, and the fact that the addon copes with ngons. I like to triangulate the geometry at the very last moment, and the addon works well with ngons.

(Piotr Adamowicz) #360

Packmaster is one of the best addons for Blender, bar none. Have you guys considered also making an addon for automated unwrapping? Something smarter than the “smart” UV unwrap option :wink:

The combo would be unbeatable.

(Bohdan Lvov) #361

absolutely, would absolutely adore it

(Tosky) #362

UV Packmaster is even an inch above “Unfold 3D” in the packing aspect. An addon for the unwrapping and optimization of uv islands (tool like rectify, another tool like “make that curved island more straight”, a tool to relax the stretch) would be marvelous.

(glukoz) #363

Thank you all for your opinions. Such posts really motivate us to work hard on improving this add-on.

Regarding the ideas: yes, we are considering adding other UV-related features to our software, not only packing :slight_smile:

(50Groszy) #364

That would be fabulous! I love blender since I started 10y ago, use it every day to work on AAA games yet UV tools aside from addons like packmaster and textool has not changed for at least few years.
I would love to see some more advanced tools like island straightening, UV ilands highlighting on mesh like in Maya and so on. Actually Maya 2018 and it’s UV tools are good reference for ideas. I will happily pay $$$ for stuf like that, as UV Packmaster helps me a lot!

(Alexander Smirnov) #365

thank you so much