[UV Packmaster] Efficient UV packing solution for Blender (C++ based, multithreaded)

Is that also when the space between the island is one value (black for example). When texture is then saved als .png, the black values barely cost you file-size. Or?

No. Its not about filezise.
Its about texture size in memory (ram/vram) or rather Its about not wasting texture on those areas between islands:

Take a look:

This packing takes only 31% of texture. So over 49% of texture is used at all = wasted.

And UVPackmaster can do in this case 45%

1.2 px/cm² vs 1.5 px/cm²
So to achieve same texel density you would have to use bigger texture (in this case 1.25 times bigger) or just accept that your texture is more blurry than it should be. In this case difference is not huge but i 'm getting cases where i basically save half of texture memory or hours of manual uv packing.


Ah, That’s what I wanted to know. Thanks for taking the effort to explain it.

I purchased the plugin (Pro) but can’t figure out how to install it.
I’ve done my best to follow instructions here:

but still a little lost.
I’ve installed the engine (I think), and installed / enabled the plugin, but I’m not seeing anything in the tool bar or UV workspace. Any tips?

2020-05-30 01_36_48-Window

Try to find the addon panel in the UV editor instead of the viewport.

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Appreciate the reply.
Do you see anything here I"m missing?

you don’t have the panel open in uv editor, there is small arrow on the right side of the uv editor edge or simply press N to open it.

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OMG you’re awesome! Thank you so much. I finally got it.
Such a rookie with this.



  1. First of all this release updates the naming convention of the UVP files. The addon suffix was added to the addon zip file, whereas the engine suffix was added to all engine packages. This change should make the setup procedure more straightforward.

  2. We refactored the CPU variant of the packing algorithm, resulting in a significant performance improvement. It is mostly noticeable on CPUs with a limited number of cores (<4), where the algorithm runs approximately 2 times faster. The improvement is even better on older CPUs - it may run even 3 times faster! The speed-up is available in both editions of the packer - STANDARD and PRO.

  3. But the most significant improvement was introduced in the Groups Together packing mode. This part of the algorithm was completely rewritten, resulting in about 10 times faster group packing. What is more, the new implementation supports a new parameter, which is really important for achieving a desired result in this mode:
    Grouping Compactness - A value from 0 to 1 specifying how much the packer should prefer solutions providing more compact grouping, when packing groups together. A lower value means the packer will strive less to achieve compact grouping, at the same time it will prioritize achieving better coverage of the overall packing. With a greater value of the parameter, groups will be packed more compactly, but the coverage of the entire solution might be worse.
    Note, that the Groups Together packing mode is available only in the PRO edition.

  4. Similarity detection was improved (Select Similar/Align Similar operations). In the older versions there were cases when two islands of similar, but noticeably different borders were always marked as similar, even with Similarity Threshold set to a very small value. This is now fixed - the user can always decrease Similarity Threshold to a value allowing to distinguish two islands. Also the interface of the similarity operations was simplified, visit our site to learn more. The fixes are available in both editions: STANDARD and PRO.

  5. The UVP add-on is now more friendly to script developers - you can now call a UVP operation from your script and the function call will not return until the operation is done. In previous versions of UVP the operation was always run in a modal operator, what caused immediate return from function to your script, not waiting for the operation to finish. As such it made calling UVP from an external script difficult to handle. In the newest release it is not a problem anymore :slight_smile:

  6. The Cuda runtime compiled into UVP was slightly downgraded, in order to still allow packing on a bit older GPUs. This change did not affect GPU packing performance.

  7. Apart from the above-listed features, the release provides many other smaller improvements, some of them being easily noticeable, e.g. improvements in the add-on interface and behavior (I encourage you to discover them on your own :slight_smile: ), other being less obvious, but still very useful, e.g. tweaks in the heuristic algorithm resulting in faster achieving of more optimal results.


Hi glukoz.

Thank you for this update.

How many developers are there in your dev team? I always thought that UVPackMaster was a one-person-project.

Hi there. I have a problem with the new uv pack master 2.4 pro. I can’t install the addon in blender 2.83.2. I become a error massage ! Anyone can help?


Restart Blender once - it should solve the problem.