[UV Packmaster] Efficient UV packing solution for Blender (C++ based, multithreaded)


(glukoz) #61

Because this feature is not officially supported yet, but still in experimental version. I looks like I forgot to hide it in the interface. Thanks for pointing it out.

(fiendish55) #62

alright thanks for developing this tool, it’s faster than ever and I cant wait to see these new features in action :slight_smile:

(glukoz) #63

I created a fast update - version 1.31, the only difference is that now this option is hidden :slight_smile: But now you already know that you can except it pretty soon :smiley:

(glukoz) #64

Asteranea, I am going to tell you a secret: even now it is not as fast as it could be - you can except new performance optimizations in the future. We are going to make this add-on the fastest packer in the entire universe :smiley:

(carbon2) #65

hi, is mac version in consideration? if so i would be paying customer

(renderhjs) #66

I keep getting warnings regarding overlapping islands, funnily enough this didn’t happen the first time only consecutive iterations.

Here is a packing result from a character model

As suggested by the warning some UV islands overlap others, also margins are not consistent but that might be a result of the issues. Packing is very fast and a nice improvement from the very first version I tried.

(jellbelle) #67

sooo, what about overlap support?

(glukoz) #68

renderhjs, you will see overlaps if ‘Iterations’ value is too low and/or ‘Margin’ value is low as well.

jellbelle, you mean about treating overlapping islands as one and not breaking them? It would be definitely nice feature and we will consider implementing this :slight_smile:

We are also planning adding Mac support in the future.

(wuren) #69

I need some help about How to buy uvpack extended version .
I just got the uvpack basic from gunroad early ! But after i choose the uvpack extended version to pay, gunroad tell me i already have this . So i can not to pay it !
Maybe i miss somthing to gei it work?

(fiendish55) #70

Please add this feature its super important for us in game development when we need to save texture space by making mirrored uv islands share same uv space.

(KibaX) #71

+1 for lock overlapping islands together ! :heart_eyes:

(glukoz) #72

wuren, I think you should contact the gumroad support directly to solve this issue. We do not maintain the service from the technical side.


any ETA for mac support?

(kabu) #74

I’d like to see that on my Mac too…:cat::cat::cat:

(glukoz) #75

We are very busy at the moment working on pro features of the packer, despite that we will do our best to provide Mac support as soon as possible.

(glukoz) #76


The motto of this release: now you can say NO to invalid topology errors, though you shouldn’t do it in most cases :wink:

New option provided with this release:
Extended Topology Analysis: use the extended method of topology analysis if basic method fails for a particular island. If add-on reports invalid topology for an island you can enable this option in order to force it to use more sophisticated algorithm and try to process the island anyway. Enabling this option is not recommended in most cases - if the basic method reports the invalid topology error it probably means that you should verify your topology and fix it. If you enable this option the add-on may not notify you about such issues in your UV map.

Simply speaking: now the add-on can process every island with reasonable topology. Contrary to the default method Extended Analysis can process self-overlapping islands or islands with faces sharing only one vertex.

What are the drawbacks of Extended Analysis? Well, if you enable this option the add-on won’t notify you about topology issues like described above (is it really good to have self-overlapping UV islands? I guess that the answer is no in most cases). That is why you should use this option only if you are really sure that you want to pack islands containing such flaws.

The assumption is that if Extended Analysis reports Invalid Topology error for an island it means that the your topology is really BAD (e.g. single UV face with self-intersecting edges). We don’t want to pack such islands and you should never use them.

Happy packing with reasonable islands only :slight_smile:

[EDIT] Forgot to mention: we decided that our add-on deserves its own tab in the ‘T’ panel of the UV editor. So starting from version 1.4 you should look for the add-on interface there.

(fiendish55) #77

Very good update. I’m happy you added overlapping support that keeps similar islands packed together it was my biggest wish :hugs:

edit: Some reason identical islands wont stay locked together when packing, even if the overlap check is activated O.o

(glukoz) #78

There is a misunderstanding: this update doesn’t add the option to not break overlapping islands and treat them as a single island. I simply wrote that now add-on can process and pack a self-overlapping island, i.e. an island which overlaps itself. The point is that default method of topology analysis doesn’t allow such islands, but now, thanks to extended method, you can pack them if you really want to.

But don’t worry: we are working on the features concurrently and I can tell you that your “biggest wish” will be there really soon :slight_smile:

(glukoz) #79

A lot of things has changed after recent updates (most important: the add-on is much faster now :slight_smile: ), that is why we’ve prepared new video presenting new add-on features and its robustness. You can watch it here.

(Botoni) #80

Great addon, and greater to allow to test it for free.
I have encountered that it fails to pack a particular uv saying that “not enough bytes in stream”
What does that mean?