[UV Packmaster] Efficient UV packing solution for Blender (C++ based, multithreaded)


(Piotr Adamowicz) #142

Do you think we can get a “Pack to new UV layer” checkbox Glukoz? :slight_smile:

I mean, it can be done manually of course, but it’d be neat anyway.

(glukoz) #143

After some debug: simple cube packing seems to be a corner case for our algorithm, fortunately easy to solve. We will fix it the next release. Fortunately such straightforward cases are not problematic as they can be easily packed by standard Blender packer.

(glukoz) #144


first of all we changed a conception of free version of our add-on: the basic version is no longer supported, we introduced the demo version instead. Demo version has all capabilities of the pro version, but pack result is rendered in a separate window - it cannot be applied to the UV map. Note that the demo version still supports ‘Overlap Check’ and ‘Measure Area’ functionalities so it still has a practical use, not only demonstrative.

We introduced improvements to grouped pack algorithm - now the areas of particular materials should be more convex, like in the picture below:

Yes, you guessed it - it is an example of a render from the demo version :wink: Note the grouped pack feature is still marked as experimental - it means you can except further improvements in this area :slight_smile:

Apart from that following options have been added:

Post-Scaling Disable: do not scale islands after packing in order to fit them into unit UV square. Enabling this option is not recommended in most cases.

Automatic Area Measurement: automatically measure islands area after packing is done.

(spydurhank) #145

Wow this is so cool. Do I need to re-purchase this addon? If not how do I download.

(glukoz) #146

You don’t need to repurchase - if you already bought the extended or pro version you can download the new update for your version directly from gumroad. If you bought the extended version and would like to upgrade to the pro version send me an e-mail to [email protected] - I will send you back a discount code so you only pay the difference.

(spydurhank) #147

@glukoz Thanks. I just used the e-mail link that I received from Gumroad after purchasing the 1.6 Pro version a few weeks back to download the new 1.7 Pro version.

This is awesome. Is this the proper way to download new versions of Packmaster using the same e-mail link from Gumroad or will the link eventually die?

(Xelbayria) #148


Hello, I was just trying out your Demo for V1.7. but I got some problem with the Overlapping check.

Here’s a picture:

as you can see these selected are actually part of one big face with triangulated. if I selected one small part of one face and move them away (as if they are separated from one face). I do “overlapping check” again, that separated part is not selected anymore.

These selected faces/meshes are what give “topology error” messages.

is there a way to get around this or somehow? I can’t think of a way to fix this issue. If you have any questions regarding this issues. Please message me or ask me by just post another post in your topic.

Thanks in advance.

(glukoz) #149

I don’t quite understand the problem. Please send a blend file - I will take a look on that.

(glukoz) #150

@spydurhank As far as I know every time you want to download an update of a product you already bought you have to generate a new link, but it is up to gumroad how they handle this. But generally the idea is that if you already bought the product you receive all further updates for free :slight_smile:

(Xelbayria) #151

Alright. how can I send you the file? I preferred to not share it in public if you don’t mind.

(spydurhank) #152

Apologies, purchasing your addon was, I believe my first time using Gumroad and it is a little vague.

For future reference, how do I generate a new link to download a new version of your addon?
Will I receive an e-mail notification letting me know that there is a new version for download?

I simply ask because the only reason I know about the new version is your post here on the forums.

Thanks for your help and especially your addon. Awesome timesaver.

(glukoz) #153

@Xelbayria Send me a file through the private message here on BlenderArtists forum. Off-course I won’t share it to public.

@spydurhank there is no automatic notifications after every update, but I send newsletter from time to time notifying customers about recent updates (you will receive it unless you chose ‘Do not contact me’ option when buying a product).

(Luís Cherubini) #154

Made a video showcasing it!

Hope you dont mind. Thanks for this addon!

(spydurhank) #155

Awesome! Thanks. :slight_smile:

(Maks) #156

Thanks for the update :+1:

(glukoz) #157

@Kerub That looks great, thanks a lot for this review! :slight_smile:

(Rômulo Ferreira) #158

I would like to suggest some features…

  • I know that this is not focused on marking seams or unfolding islands, but it would be really good if we could select similar edge loops in order to unwrap similar objects equally and stack their similar islands, take a look at this video of RizomUV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeIWyf3On_g

  • The second request is another way to group up islands, grouping by materials isn’t good sometimes, when you don’t want to have multiple materials assigned. That would be really good to have a rectangle delimitating the area of a specific group. Take a look at this: https://youtu.be/lowcToqyK1A

These are the features that are making me think if I should buy your addon or RizomUV, maybe you will think: Why you don’t simply buy RizomUV?
And my answer would be: There are some disadvantage on RizomUV, the first is it is really expensive, and the second one is the integration with blender, while yours is a addon for blender, couldn’t be more integrated.
This just makes me in doubt.

(fiendish55) #159

Personally I think it’s huge advantage to work inside blender while you are unwrapping, you don’t need to swap between two programs when you notice that one uv island needs to be fixed topologically and trust me I did this with Ipackthat…while it was back then good solution for faster more precise packing its now slower than uv packmaster and abandoned by its devs.

But I agree that with unfold3d you get huge array of tools to play with, but because uv packmaster is new and from the start of its path I’m sure its gonna grow even more epic it currently is.

(glukoz) #160

A rectangle defining the area for packing is a functionality we are thinking about, but note that the convenient interface for such operation would be problematic to implement in a Blender plugin (not sure whether drawing a rectangle over an area in Blender window using mouse input is even possible in a python plugin). This is the price you pay for the high integration with Blender.

(Rômulo Ferreira) #161

Yeah I’m aware there are some limitations in blender, but I hope you can get around with those limitations.

And about the equal objects and similar islands stacked on top of each other? I mean automatic detection of similar islands.