uv paint like zbrush ( now .blend files)

Sorry for my absence

is actually very simple, but it’s hard for me to explain it in English
but i will try

No one comes to Amsterdam to see it in person?

I heard you mentioned beer? I will be in Amsterdam. Beer would be nice. A tutorial too, but mainly beer.

your giving a presentation on this at the Blender Conference?

Thanks a lot Gillan, you single handedly massively improved my texturing ability ;). Ive bean wanting to be able to paint textures like this pretty much forever.

For those who don’t know how to set this up, hears a blend file.
Just use the usual, G, R ,S etc keys to move the ball around and paint it with the left mouse button.

It would be nice to have this functionality built right into Blender.

I have made a tutorial, check this thread out:

@ Hoverkraft will be a pleasurehttp://www.kino3d.com/forum/images/smiles/icon_beerchug.gif

@ Wysiwyg no, I will drink a beer in Amsterdam with friends, but I will do a workshop in Turin during the conference view

@ Hessiess ok! (See file attached)

@ Giuseppe close. add a couple of things:
to rotate around the object in trackball mode, press “R” twice.
The scaling can only occur for a few axes (local or view) by pressing the letters x, y or z for one or two times.
file zbrush_1 see setting materials, allows us to see what you’re painting and where. To see the final effect disable the slot of projected texture. In the file zbrush_2 selecting a transparent png file as a final texture allows you to see the new overlay textures without having to turn off the projection slot.
In the file zbrush_2 perception is that the mesh is firm and that the image is scaled or rotated, try it!
I prefer the method zbrush_1 and I also hope to see it automated … I speak with those of Durian!

@Gillan: So thats how you done it :slight_smile: Overlay texture, you know i have tried everything! Viewport transparency and the like haha
Anyways, sorry if you feel like is was stealing your thread, i just felt like people needed a tutorial with images.

And by the way, if you set your rendering resolution to a 1:1 res, like 1000x1000 or 1x1. Your background image won’t get stretched, and it will be more pleasant to work with.

  • 1 to automated method.

Guiseppe. Thanks for your contributions but that is NOT a tutorial. A tutorial has instructions,words,direction and screen shots. Not just a couple of graphics and a blend file which the reader has to figure out what you have done with them.

SHABA1–if you actually read the post… goes off into long rant about people who don’t know how to read, use google, ect.
anyway, the tutorial is the long skinny jpeg image
that’s the first one, in case you were wondering.

Yeah the tutorial is the small thumbnail, and then a world unfolds in front of you :), and im quite sure i wrote that in my post too.

Ok sorry about that. I downloaded the whole jpg and read it. Very nice tutorial. Straight and to the point. Now I just have to go back and read up on what all those button pressed do. BUT that is NOT your problem. You got straight to the point which I like