UV Painting: Selected Color is not what is applied

I’ll refer to the attached image to explain the behavior. I created a blank image and selected the purple color from my palette. I then drew the line on the left. As you can see, what is applied to the image is a different color, considerably bluer. If I use the eyedropper on the color, I can verify that it is the color that was applied. The second stripe is using the color picked up with the eyedropper from the first stripe. If I continue the process, it seems to converge on the blue color that the object originally had. The confusing thing is that I deleted the material that was on it, so I’m not sure where it’s coming from and why it’s bleeding into what I paint now.


Quite strange… the only thing that comes to my mind, could it be related to color space? On the right side of the uv editor there is a panel, the one that is activated/deactivated with the N key. It’s not visible in your screenshot. What happens if you change the “color space?” from the panel?
The default should be “sRGB”.


This don’t explain what happen , but I think it’s the same You see in Texturepaint 3 d viewport when You change from

Viewport Texture shading to Viewport Materiale shading…?