UV Problem (Beginner)

Hi Everyone, I’m new to the forum and to Blender. At the moment I’m trying to learn Blender 2.49 but starting to believe I should be learning 2.5 instead! Anyways!..

I thought I would participate in the Blending Life 2 contest as a way to learn using the program and I’ve run into a snag trying to texture my head model. To better explain how I’ve been trying to texture my model I’ve been following a tutorial by Lile Hansen (http://www.vimeo.com/1377005).

My problem is I cant seem to get the image to ever appear on the model. I believe there is a problem with my file as I have tried again with the famous Suzanne model and it works fine even if it looks crazy with a guys face mapped to a monkey.

Could someone help me out? I’ve attached my model. I don’t think I can distribute the image i’m using but you can get it here: (http://www.lucyroy.com/blendinglife.zip) The face image I’m using is Giant_0135.jpg

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, I’ve been stuck for a while now!



giant-09.blend (302 KB)

Make sure you’re in textured shading mode (Alt Z) then go into edit mode, select all faces (A), switch to the UV/Image editor, and select all faces there. Then click on the image select drop menu and select the texture you want to use.

Thanks for your help guys! Problem solved!