uv problem

That doesnt make sense… the sides of the cube are square, yet the uvs are rectangular.

I cant help feel the answers one of those stupid logic things im just missing as usual.


How did you unwrap the cube? Did you use Unwrap (smart projections)? If so, did you tell it to Stretch to boundaries? If so, that’s why it stretched the unwrapped faces to fill the entire UV space.

:smiley: that fixed it thanks.

The aspect ratio of your image matters, too. If you’re unwrapping squares so your uv space is 3 squares across by 2 down (like in your screen cap), your mapped image is going to have to have that same aspect ratio for them to be seen as “squares”. You CAN map it out to the boundaries like you’ve done here, as long as your image is something like 600x400 pixels, or 900x600 or 3000x2000, etc.

Okay today I have the oposite problem. my faces should be rectangular, but theyre square? I marked the seams. and tried unwrapping both ways.

You’ve scaled your block in object mode instead of edit mode. Hit control-A to apply the scaling to the mesh data, then unwrap again.

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Ohh… okay, I`ll give that a go, thank you…