UV Problem.

I’m trying to unwrap this palette that I made but no mater where I stick a seam the damn thing is wonky and wierd.

After you have presseD U / unwrap chnage the unwrap method from ‘Angle Based’ to ‘Conformal’. You can see this in the bottom left corner of your image. I cannot see where you have added seams to your model so post a link to your blend http://www.pasteall.org/blend/


Here’s my prj file. http://www.pasteall.org/blend/7550

There are numerous ways to unwrap it. This is one way:
I also cleaned up the mesh a bit. There were internal faces in your mesh which can make it difficult for blender to unwrap correctly. I also reset the scale (Ctrl+A / scale) Use the Unwrap method with conformal as the unwrap method.
You could use the U / Smart UV Project rather than add seams
Then in the UV/image editor window used the UVs / Average Island Scale and UVs / Pack Island menu entrys to clean it up a bit


Save2a.blend (284 KB)

I’ve learnt something new, thanks man, that helped a lot!