Uv problem

Hi guys,I’ve done this model and I want some critics on the uv. What do you think about the uv?
Thanks in advance for the answers.


towerforum.blend (1.23 MB)

To speak of just the UV itself, there’s a couple of things to point out, but the biggest issue is stretching and the inner walls of the top battlement being a circular contiguous island and not a strip. You will get distortions on the edges, and a significant chunk of UV real estate goes to the hole in the middle.

There are some overlapping UV vertices on the island strips on the top right corner.
You should as much as possible place seams on angled geometry, not on flat surfaces. For every 90 degree angle consider using seams, excluding, of course, parts that wrap around a surface. If you need to place a seam, make sure the seam angle is straight, so you can snap the seam by pixels and reduce texel distortion.

If you plan on using image texturing, make sure the faces all have consistent texel density. Activate “Area” on Stretch in the N panel of the UV Editor to find average texel density by color. Your UV map has the colors of the rainbow. It should be all blue.

Average islands scale by using Ctrl + A on everything. This helps ensure uniform texel density.

Unwrap each section separately and mix between Angle Based and Conformal unwrap. One works better than the other, but none are “best” for all situations.

I’m late in the answer but thanks for the explanation. I’m goona do it again