UV problems

Hi all:

I’ve got a problem when UV mapping. I’m using blender 2.48 and probably I’m missing something. This is the sequence I follow:

1.- In edit mode I select a group of vertex (and convert it into a vertex group)
2.- I make some seams still in edit mode.
3.- I Unwrap the mesh (the vertex group).
4.- I export the image in the UV editor just printing the screen.
5.- With GIMP I paint the texture over the UV map.
6.- Back in blender I asign a material to the vertex group with a uv texture => Image=> the texture I painted in GIMP.

In principle everything seems to be right, the texture appears where it is expected. But suddenly, dont know why, the texture gets deformed, like if my first unwrapping has changed.
I guess I have to fix the UV mapping somehow, but dont know how.

Any help?
Thanks in advance.


make sure you set the map input to “UV” in the map input tab at the right of the material buttons.

thanks for the answer but, thats not the problem… I do that (set map input into UV in point 6 ;-D). It seems more that some actions modify the initial unwrap. And I would like to fix it.

Did you modify the mesh after unwrap? If you subdivide/modify vertices the UV gets distorted or even destroyed. You should UV After you have finished modelling.

Ok, thanks. And what about seams? if you redefine them (without unwraping again) something happens?

And is there any problem connected to the fact that I have several UV maps in the same mesh. This is, I have a human body but I unwrap separately head, chest, legs, etc… Is it more stable if you do one single uv map for the whole mesh???

Thanks in advance


If you want to unwrap without destroying the previous unwrap, pin all the edges/vertices and press unwrap, the pinned ones dont move even if you unwrap. For organics, I would reccomend to use a continuous mesh, and for objects or clothes use different meshes(with their UVs).

that is my point of view of course, it can be made differently.