UV problems

There HAS to be an easier way!
i have a figure that i want to cover in say red with white stars - a clown suit.
UV unwrap is not working for me so far.
yes it unwraps but the triangles get too tiny on one side.
Suggestions welcome!
thanks all


clowntempUV.blend (657 KB)

First of all you have thousands of double vertices. Remove them as this makes your seams useless.


5580 removed and it is a lot clearer!

any more tips?

Your seam isn’t complete in the right (from the model’s perspective) armpit. Fixing that will at least get you a seperate front/back unwrap. You didn’t place seams on the other parts, so no surprise that their unwraps are useless.

I can’t help but wonder, how on earth did you make this? There’s not even a semblage of topology at all! (Which is in itself rather a problem, since symmetrical stuff unwraps best).

Ihave started again with just a half of the model (imported)
the arms have a problem
the color is stretched out.
i tried puting numbers on the picture but that did not help
if you have another clothed torso i could use…
the arms have to be covered to look like a clown


clowntemphalf.blend (916 KB)

i tried a stretched sphere
but the middle is strange!
i sure aint impressed with UV!


clowntry2.blend (473 KB)

Your seam doesn’t continue around the sphere and join up to itself. Thats why its not unwrapping as you want.
Check your seems, its really quite straight forward.


You’re not impressed with your UV skills, that’s quite the difference :wink: .

Just imagine, how can you possibly lay down a sleeve with the outside up everywhere without cutting in it? That’s exactly the reason that your clothes have a seam running there too.

I will have to learn how to de select verts on the front only!
but the middle is still distorted!

I suspect you selected the UV right hand bit and moved one of the spheres!


yes i know that - it was accidental that some verts were deselected so it no longer went all the way round.
but that don’t explain the middle distortion that UV does.

If you place your seams correctly, you shouldn’t have much distortion. See the attachment; I was a bit generous with seams, cutting off the arms and seperating the front and back, but it’s a pretty nasty mesh to edit manually afterwards. Now you may be thinking “But Zwooby! You’ll have visible seams!”. And I’ll say “That’s exactly what happens with real clothing, so it’s all the more realistic.”


looks great to me!
can you post the blend file?
with the new improved seams?

Sure :slight_smile:

There are a couple of different ways you could place seams on a torso. For example, Pior often tends to place his seams on one side of the torso so that it flips open like a book, while Vahl prefers to place the seam down the middle of the back. You can also split it in four parts, as I did here, and there are some other solutions as well. So the actual layout doesn’t really matter all that much, but you need enough seams to flatten it all.

(That same goes for other things; do you split a hand in two, or do you keep the sides connectec at the thumb or pinky? Do you place a seam on the hairline horizontally, so that they follow the split between forehead and hair, or do you place them vertically, so that it’s less easy to spot but harder to paint?)

Edit: Oh, and excuse the name for the .blend, it’s 3 AM :stuck_out_tongue: .


clowntemphalfLOLOLOLOL.blend (872 KB)

Thanks for all your help
Suggestions on low vert count clown hair welcome!

iirc, the nice thing about http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:Tutorials/Textures/UV/Camera_Mapping#Projecting_the_Image_onto_the_Object is that you dont have to have a pretty UV map, so you can stay all warm and fuzzy.