UV problems :(

Hi guys I got problems with UVs, take a look:
My vertexes are doubled (mesh dont have any doubles), please could someone help me?

Normally if you define the bounds of UV unwrap with seams manually, all the vertices stays connected. If they get separated, it is not really a problem unless you want to move them around separately. They just defines UV picture coordinate you know.

You can “weld” those points that are on top of each other. Box select the stack of vertex [B], hot key [W], select Weld.

How can I define that bounds?
and welding doesnt work :S

Those aren’t double vertices if that is your uv/image editor window, a single vertex can be in multiple positions in the layout. How did you unwrap your model ?
Your screenshot does not show useful info. Attach your blend file.

yeah I know…but I cant post blend file
its unwrapped classically U->Unwrap and if I change tris to quads, some polys dissapear in UV space
I want to have all the vertexes to be welded, but its not possible even manually :frowning: