UV Project from Camera Solver

Dear community

For a documentary about Venezuela I’m working on, I got a very interesting problem! Let me give you some context:

I need to freeze a UV map projected from the tracked and solved camera (it’s projecting filmed footage) to take control of the virtual camera and zooms in on the table in front of the presenter here where there’s an animation. Because the UV map is frozen (that means apply the modifier) the footage stays in place as the virtual camera moves in.

Now I ran into this mind boggling issue with one such transition and I isolated the problem quite precisely I think. This is even before freezing the UV Project Modifier. As you can see, in the rendered version, the UV Project Modifier doesn’t take into account the Camera Solver Constraint on the camera -> leading to the orange repeated part in the image on the right. But in the viewport, all is well! Whaaaat? :wink:

Has anybody got an idea why that might be? I’m wasting quite a lot of time and coffee on this one :slight_smile: So help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks and greetings from Barcelona



It didn’t have at all to do with the UV project modifier.

I had several UV maps on that object, and basically mixed the textures wrong. That was all. In blender internal, not cycles, the texture that comes out on top is the one at the bottom in the list :slight_smile: good to know.