UV Project from view question...any ideas?

Greetings, Sept 11th, 2014

I am using blender 2.7 with my laptop and have utilized the “Emulate Numpad” in user preferences and oddly when I attempt to utilize feature “UV Project from view(Bounds)” everything loads fine. However, after scaling the uv grid, mesh over the image I cannot move, tweak the grid vertices over the image to fit the shapes within the image? The “G” key works however I cannot locate the key, mouse button combination to allow for the gird vertices movement? I as well emulate the middle mouse button?..any ideas?

Have you hit the ‘P’ key by mistake and pinned them( if so , they will be red)? What selection mode are you using, vertex/edge/or face?

Actually the uv grid is grey! But I can try the unpinning! I can easily select either faces, vertices or edges…just can’t move them after attempting every imaginable key, mouse button combination?

Screenshot please - we need to see what you have set