UV Projection on existing texture. Need Help!

Hello People! I need the smarts of the Blender community! I am making a cartoon character with dot eyes, however I want its eyes to be moveable and change the textures on the fly. I tried using the UV projection modifier and the UV Wrap modifier but it won’t work. Heres what I mean.

I am doing a test scene, but its basically what I am trying to do. I put my characters UV Texture on the BIG plane, and a separate small plane with the dot eye texture. I want to project the dot eye texture On TOP of the existing UV character texture. I want to have the ability to move the eye around and scale it as I please. And if you suggest the Lego Movie face texture video, NO I want to move the dot eyes how I see fit. I was able to accomplish this in Maya using a Layered material. But I want to be able to do so here in Blender. Its possible, I just don’t know how to make it happen. Please help Blender Community.

Thank You.

assign a different material to the “eye-plane”, than to the “body-plane” and use a “UV Coordinates” Node to get the UV and a “Mapping” node to manipulate the UV Coordinates. Change the values in the Mapping node to move the mapping (projection) of the texture around. The values are keyframeable, so animations should be possible.

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Thanks so much for helping me figure this out. I can command the texture coordinates with bones. However, I ran into another problem. I want the black dot eye as the texture, however Blender keeps thinking it is an alpha of the texture below. Is there a way to make the black dot eyes to NOT be seen as an alpha mask and just a texture?

i’m sorry, i fear i’m not entirely getting what the problem is.
In your example, the alpha of the texture node is connected, which i assume you noticed. but I can’t see how it effects “the texture below” in your example.