UV projection on rigid body simulation not working on 2.8

I was going through this tutorial and the result he gets when adding a UV projection modifier to the rigid bodies, is different than what I get. He gets the projection to update on every frame of the smulation, while my result is more like, the projection is baked on the first trame, and as the objects fall, their textures stay the same. What am I doing wrong?

I know this is nearly a year after you asked but I had the same problem and I wanted to ask the same question here. The only workaround that did the trick for me was to bake the rigid bodies to keyframes. But in my case it’s not possible since this works on simple scenes unlike my scene which has like 1800 simulated object.

Edit: apparently that was a bug that was resolved in 2.91. Just apply the modifier and everything works perfectly like the mentioned tutorial.