UV Proportional Editing

I need help figuring out what I’m doing wrong. According to most tutorials I have seen, the proportional editing mode helps a lot in moving vertices/lines/faces in the UV layout. Unfortunately, this mode is not working properly for me. My issues with it;

  • I do not see the circle of influence. According to what I have read, my circle of influence might be too big so it’s not showing in my view. I’m supposed to scroll up or hit page down/up to change the size of the circle of influence. However, scrolling my mouse wheel only zooms me in or out and hitting pg up/pg down does nothing.
  • If I do see the circle of influence, it’s effects are exaggerated. If I’m trying to scale up parts of the island, it seems to impact more vertices/faces than what it should affect within the circle.

Honestly now that I typed this problem, I think issue 2 can be resolved with me experimenting with the proportional edit settings. But the biggest main problem is still issue 1, not seeing the circle of influence in the first place and scrolling or pgup/pgdwn does nothing to change the size of the circle of influence.

Any help with this issue would be great. Thank you.

Any help or hints would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

never mind… i figured it out. i didn’t realize i was supposed to be holding down left mouse button when i scroll up and down to see the circle of influence.

you must engage a grab or rotate or scale mouvement with proportional editing to be able to scroll the radius.

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Mark it solved here. :slight_smile:

how do I mark it solved? lol

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