I’ve been using UV-mapping a great deal lately and have a question:

Is it in any way possible to set some markers on the unwrapped mesh before I export it?

It is -really- tricky to have blender on one virtual desktop and the Gimp on the other trying to match up the texture vs. objects.


Yes you can paint directly on your mesh, after you done your uv mapping and exported it, in the uv window go image > new > choose size of your uv mapping/name/ok. In the 3d window menu change the mode to texture paint. now when you left click on your mesh it will paint and then update in the uv window when you release the left click. you can alter colour/size ect in the paint pane when done in the uv window go image > save. You can now open up the uv image and the texture painted image on another layer in your 2d editing software to create you final texture with guideance from your marked up image.

Thx Hazza, didn’t know about that - now the problem is that the objects are invisible because they are not part of the mesh. In my case I have a lightswitch on a wall and I want to mark where the lightswitch is located on the wall - do you have a solution to that too? :slight_smile:

what I do is to pin the vertices of the area that need marking, these show up on the exported uv map when opened in Gimp by a red circle around the vertices, especially helpful with head maps the eyes, lips edges etc. So in your case extrude→scale and move to the area on the wall where your light switch is, then pin.

hope this helps.

p.s. this may not work with other software

Nobody: Ive done something along the same lines before, but Id rather not add more verticies to an allready complex scene - I wish you could just place a pin /marker anywhere on the mesh

In that case add extra verts to mark the lightswitch, save the uv layout then delete them/undoor close and reopon file without saving so you go back to the original uv but also have a marked one for referance.

That could be a workaround, thx for your help :slight_smile: