UV question

Ok, I’m having a hard time putting this question into words, but here we go.

I’ve been struggling with UV mapping for a while now, and recently tried to do it to a model of a person. After making a mess out of trying to unwrap the entire mesh at once, I unwrapped a small and simple part of it by itself. However, nothing seems to work any more. When I try to save UV face layout I come up with a completely white .tga and After print screening the unwrap and making a quick map, importing it does absolutely nothing to change the model as far as I can see.

I would appreciate any thoughts on this very much.

i think that i know what you are thinking of.
this is proborely gona be terrebly explained, but
what i do is, click the browser of images that are in use and simply click the image that you want.

Oh, sorry, I can get the picture to look right in the UV window, it just doesn’t change anything in any other window. Thanks anyway though.

ok Mikkamel, then if the texture isnt in the render you have two choises, the simpler one is that in shader panel click the texface button, then it will show in render.

Ok, I’m afraid it isn’t the simpler choice then. I get a different texture. Or possibly the wrong part of this one. I think the problem is that I unwrapped the entire mesh at once at first, then I unwrapped this part by itself when I decided to map different parts separately. So when I try to map something to the beard part of the face the unwrapping I did of the beard by itself covers the entire picture, but the picture is actually being mapped to the old unwrap of the entire mesh where that part of it covered a few pixels in one corner. At least that’s what I think is wrong now. Thank you for the help.