UV questions

I pressed “U” on an object in edit mode, a cube. Then I went to the UV/Image editor and then opened my image. When I set Veiwport shading to texture the cube has the texture I opened. But when I render it it dosent show up.
Need Help

To show a texture in the render you need to add a material to your object and add the texture to that material

This is the Game Engine forum. But you need a material in BGE mode too :wink:

I meant as in when I open a material and use the Unwrap/UV tools to open an image it dosent affect my material or my textures. And when I play my game as well as render the scene it dosent show up.

You need to be in mesh edit mode to apply textures.
You need to assign the texture and switch to UV mapping again at the texture panel.

Could you please explain that step by step starting from the default scene.
Sorry its just Im still not completly sure as what to do.

  • go to UV Editing Perspective

  • select the cube

  • press <tab> to go to edit mode

  • select the faces you want to assign a UV to

  • unwrap with <u>

  • In image editor choose an image

  • edit the UV faces according to your needs

  • leave edit mode <tab>

  • go to Default perspective

  • ensure texture display is enabled!

  • choose material tab

  • add a material

  • choose texture tab

  • add a texture

  • type = image or movie

  • select the image you selected in UV editing

  • Mapping: Coordinates = UV

Thank you so much! Works!
How does this work for the sky(world) texture? Cause its not a 3D object that can be unwrapped.
Thanks again.

Edit: Is there way to to let repeat have effect on the game engine?
And is this meant to happen- When I press “P” to play my game in solid viewport shading the texture dosent show and when I press"P" to play my in texture viewport shading it does?